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So, I mentioned yesterday in the glitter glasses post that we are huge fans of Zenni Optical.  Macy recently started wearing glasses and was sorely disappointed in the color selection at the eye doctor.  I was sorely disappointed in the pricing.  So, we gave Zenni a try.  We were extremely happy and have since placed another order.  Or two.

The one thing we don’t love about Zenni?  All the cases come like this,


which is fine if you only have a pair or two.  But when you have 11?  (Did I just admit that?)You are frantically opening case after case after case in search of the orange glasses and you needed to leave for orchestra 2 minutes ago.

So, I sat down with my Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software (you could totally do this in the regular version, to) and made some labels.

Fullscreen capture 4282012 10652 PM

And now?


***I am not affiliated with Zenni Optical in any way.  They made my new glasses wearer much happier about wearing glasses.  And that makes me happy.***

And, because several people have asked, we upgrade to poly-carbonate lenses and anti-glare coating, which adds about $15/pair.  Sometimes they have buy 2 get one free sales.  The bottom line for me is that 11 pairs of glasses from Zenni = less than one pair from the eye doctor.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I wish we had a Zenni here (going to search and see if they have an online store). I just got my latest glasses at Walmart Optical a couple of months ago and I hate them.

  2. I’ve ordered from Zenni several times – SO worth it!!

  3. I love glasses and love the fact that I have been tipped off to Zenni. Fabulous idea…awesome site…keep making crap!

  4. I must check out this Zenni place! Amazing! Loved the glitter glasses by the way. That glitter blast is FUN! Well, except for the one can that wouldn’t stop spraying until it finally fizzled out on the garage floor, a table, and a ruined a bucket I finally threw it into.

  5. La June says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Zenni ! I am so rough on my glasses and sometimes would like a change so will try!

  6. Love your blog, and hoping for a Cameo!

  7. What an idea! That looks awesome and must be incredibly convenient! We are happy to see that you like your glasses and what’s most importantly that they inspire you to create.

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