June/July Lowe’s Challenge: Update on my deck

If you remember from last month’s post, my deck is trying to secede from the union (aka my house).

I wish I could tell you that we had that situation all under control, but the reality is that my new deck is still in my driveway.


We had to order the color of decking that I wanted and then there was a delivery scheduling issue.  So, by the time it arrived I was way too in the middle of the DIY Blogger House projects/set up to be of any deck reconstruction help.  (I did, however, use 10 cans of Valspar spray paint on the crib and changing table for the house…that counts for something, right?)

So, I put BC in charge of “making our outside space more appealing, more fun and more memorable”, like Lowe’s had challenged me to do.

Because he’s a dude, that involved food.

His dad had one of these delivered to us recently:

photo (23)

So, BC headed to Lowe’s and picked up some lump charcoal (I don’t know what that is)

photo (25)

and some wood chips

photo (24)

and he got to grilling.

photo (22)

I’m going to share my favorite rib rub recipe (say that 10 times fast) with you.

1 T chili powder
1 t cumin
2 T brown sugar
1/2 t cayenne
2 t kosher salt
1 t pepper

Rub into baby back ribs really well (this is enough for 1 or 2 racks, I double it if we’re doing 3 racks)and then put them on a cookie sheet and cover with foil.  I bake at 275 for about 2.5 hours or longer…whatever.  You really can’t go wrong if you cook them low and slow.

After they’re done baking, cut the racks into serving size pieces (2 or 3 ribs) and slather with your favorite BBQ sauce.  We like Sweet Baby Ray’s.  Grill outdoors for a few minutes per side to get them nice and sticky and caramelized.  Mmmm!

Another family favorite this summer has been flank steak cooked on an oak plank (also from Lowe’s) sliced thin on a salad with Chunky Bleu Cheese Olive Oil Vinaigrette dressing from Bolthouse Farms.

What have I been doing during all of this?

(That chair is also from Lowe’s.  They’re under $20 and I may have purchased 4 of them.  They’ll go on the deck once it’s not falling off the house. Winking smile)

Do you grill?

Charcoal or gas?

Have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?

And while you’re drooling and/or waiting for the grill to heat up, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Or, check out the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s app (also free)!  I have it on my iPhone and it’s delightful!


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  1. I love grilling. Even more? I love it when people grill for me. When would you like to have us over to inspect the green egg :)

  2. I love grilling. Even more? I love it when people grill for me. When would you like to have us over to inspect the green egg? :)

  3. Love this post Char!

  4. De-lurking to say I’ll bring a side dish or dessert the next time you make those ribs. Just sayin’… They look de-lish. My Son in law used to sell the big green eggs. He says they are the BEST grill evah! I know y’all will enjoy that.

    We just have a pokey two-person gas grill. We know ways to jazz things up with the gas. But it’s not the same as using good charcoal.

  5. LOL – I love that picture of you lounging in the chair Char!


  6. We love to grill here at my house. Sometimes we want to use charcoal, but sometimes when we are in a hurry we want to use gas. A few months ago we picked up a Char-Griller Duo. It’s a barbecue with a gas grill on one side and a charcoal grill on the other. It’s perfect for my family! You can buy them at Lowe’s.

  7. So fun!

  8. FYI: it takes almost no convincing to get me to grill something….just sayin’

  9. We just got a Big Green Egg last month too. We’ve had some TASTY food since then but it did take a little getting used to. I can’t remember the last time we grilled using anything but gas (I think it would have been when I was a little kid) so the smoky BGE lump charcoal taste is a little different. We did pizza and baked a cobbler on it last week. Pretty good…..

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