Name that fur ball

So, we’re having a contest. Tell me where I got this disgusting mass and win a prize. First correct answer wins. Funniest answer also wins. That’s right people….TWO winners. What do you win? Well, the choice is yours (that makes me think of those Chuck A Rama commercials). Maybe a scripture case? A tampon/pencil case? Lounge pants? Dinner at my house? Or, pick something else. Ready……set……guess!

(The quarter did not happen to be part of the original mass, it’s just there for size reference.)

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  1. The yarn and ribbon are throwing me off… because the rest of it looks like it came out of the vacuum.

    I’m guessing a rug got shredded and then you vacuumed up the fibers along with some ribbon and yarn.

    If I win (and I stress IF) I want a tampon case and a romantic dinner with you. :)

  2. oh, and you know I mean romantic in a non-creepy way, right? :)

  3. hm.. linds took my answer. i’ll be back with something…

  4. Hey! When did you get a cat?

    I was thinking it looks like stuff picked off the bottom of your vacuum brush.

  5. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Did it come from the lint trap in your dryer?

  6. my first thought is dryer, what happens when you make a rag quilt all the frayed threads.

    though the contents also looks like it could have been found in my little craft/sewing box and it all got tangled together and had to be cut out.

  7. It’s a quarter, duh! Um…I just see a bunch of string, yarn, shoelaces, ribbon, etc. It’s sitting on your kitchen table and I don’t see any dirt so I’m not going to join the bandwagon about vacuum contents. Hmmm…let’s go with Keller and Campbell got into your sewing/craft stuff and decided to make you a Halloween wig to be some creepy hag!

  8. Jana Barraclough says:

    I’m going to say behind your sewing table…

  9. My guess is the sewing room trash can.

  10. I say that’s what’s left of the Star Wars pj’s I brought Keller a year ago.

  11. BC’s belly button?

    I have no idea…so I am going for the funniest. ;-)
    So, if I win I think you should come here and make me dinner.

  12. I’m just hoping it didn’t get pulled out of your sewing machine…

    or, is it your bits-of-string-and-yarn collection? :)

  13. Your dog coughed it up? LOL

  14. P.S. I’m adding you to my friends list…….Hope that’s okay……and if it’s not you;ll just have to deal!!! :P

  15. If that came out of Bryan’s pants I’m not coming to any more meetings.

  16. I think it came right out of Brian’s garage!!!! No way something like that would be in your house!!!!!

  17. Holy cow! Casey you commented! You just want to win something. Not this time sucker. It’s mine. I’m funnier.

  18. Some of you are very close or even possibly half right. Feel free to guess again with more specifics or a different take on things. Or, guess something funny.

  19. Since you hinted we could be half right, it may not be from Bryan’s rear end, but someplace else on his body. I guess you have been collecting all the Raggedy Ann and Andy hair from Bryan’s head. Which would explain his hair loss. Good idea on turning it into purses though.

  20. Im guessing you cleaned the craft room’s floor.

  21. Wait! I’ve got it!
    That’s what you found in the oven today…after not actually using it for 13 months.
    Dude, I win!

  22. Did you find it tangled around the rotating brush rod on your vacuum cleaner after it stopped sucking stuff up/rotating while you vacuumed your latest craft mess?

    You have to admit that is a clever guess. Give me a prize–you love me too much to not give me one, you know.

  23. here’s my thought.

    one of your kids made this mess… knew it would be a problem… and then tried to vacuum it up. whereupon it got all wrapped around the beater bar on your sweet dyson.

    I think Keller.

  24. So when are you going to tell us who is right? I think it really came off of your sewing machine. Maybe the back of your surger? Do you have a surger? LOL

  25. I was thinking dryer too- except that it’s the birds’ nest that was in your vent.

  26. This is tough. It is pictured on your kitchen table, so it can’t be too disgusting to allow that. It looks like there was a thread annoying someone and they pulled it…and pulled it…and pulled it. That is how Kellers lounge pants came off? In a wad of thread? Is that it? Wow, this is hard.

  27. Blackeyedsue says:

    I haven’t read any of the other answers, but I think you cut it from the roller of your vacuum after you did some crafty craftiness in your craft room.

  28. The Weight Family says:

    Yay,………You FiNaLLy shaved your nasty pits! Way to go Char!!!!

  29. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    I think every comment here is a winner and you’ll be sewing/cooking forever.

  30. Probably out of your 4-wheeler or Bryans side of the bed or a dust bunny that was behind your couch. But Char you should just make me one anyway. I will pay you 10$ dollars if you do.[but if you want more i'll give you more for shipping.] So if you decide to do it send it in the mail when its done!! Thanks!

    P.S I know my thing says Ben and I dont know why but this is jade.

  31. Our final is a thread like substance laying on your wood kitchen table posted on a blog for a contest with a quarter for size reference…duh!! (p.s. this is Corbin) You are right Ammon..Char appealed to my greed!!

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