Whilst I was away….

We went to Bear Lake for a while. Pre-emptive answer: No, it’s not particularly warm there this time of year. In fact, it snowed a little on Monday morning.

We baked lots of round loafs of bread, this variety and Irish Soda Bread.
We made 2 kinds of donuts.
My boys got $4 haircuts. BC’s was $5. He’s a big spender.
Keller learned how to tie his shoes.
I daydreamed about buying this house. Too bad BC doesn’t have a job in Logan.
We made Kit Kittredge another Helen Keller dress, as the old one is on loan. (Sidenote: Tricia, if you’re stalking this…you can keep the doll dress. It’s been replaced.)
We took naps.
We made a zipper pouch (similar to this) to hold Scrabble tiles. Seriously people, if you’re still turning them all upside down at the beginning of every game….STOP! Put them in a bag of some sort.
Campbell split his face open 3 times.
We watched American Idol.
We ate dessert every night.
We debated the difference between cherubs and cupids (the jury’s still out).

We put a baby on a Lazy Susan and spun him ’til his eyes went wacky.

We rode bears.

And now we’re home. We had a great week.

(The spacing on this is giving me fits. Stupid Blogger. It looks fine ’til I hit publish.)

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  1. it sounds divine.

  2. Awesome week! Your juice carton wallet is gorgeous – what kind of juice comes in such a fruity looking carton??

  3. Kristine Robinson says:

    Yeah, Keller is home! All I heard all week was when is Keller coming home? How come Keller isn’t home? Why can’t we go to Bear Lake with Keller? I don’t think you can take Keller away ever, ever again. I will lose my mind if you do!

    Seriously, can I come next time? That looks really, really fun!

  4. Aww, fun! I miss Dan and Sooey. Thank you. I, too, am now dreaming about owning that house. Did you take the tour?

  5. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    I am glad you are back…though we didn’t get to talk much last night. I looked at THE house. Beautiful…I’d live there.

  6. That house is amazing – maybe Bryan won’t mind the commute too much…?

    Again, I’m amazed at the crafts… everyday can you just email me some daily inspiration?

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time and stayed really busy! It makes me want to go somewhere for a while. Glad you are back.

    That house is GORGEOUS! But seriously…Logan…that’s even colder than here! Just tell BC you are going to do a MAJOR remodel job on yours to get that porch!

  8. Sounds like a great week! I’ve got a lazy susan just like that (IKEA?) too bad I don’t have a baby small enough to fit on it.

  9. sweetpea says:

    sounds delightful! welcome home!

  10. You are lucky you have somewhere to escape!

  11. i need to get away. is your mom busy next weekend?

  12. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Welcome home!

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