Blog Swap: A Little Tipsy

OK, so I don’t usually blog swap (heard through the grapevine that some of you don’t enjoy it), but when I met Michelle last month at the CBC, I made an exception. Plus, she bribed me. And she knows where I live.


Hi There! I am so excited to be here on Crap I’ve Made today! Char is so much fun and I totally owe her a Cold Stone waffle bowl for swapping with me.

Michelle, from A Little Tipsy here, taking the wheel for the day!

Nope not drunk (what a relief you will not be taking your tour with a drunk driver), I may or may not be a bit clumsy though.
A little about me, I am a SAHM with one crazy two year old boy and a big geek for a husband (don’t worry, he calls himself a geek). I love keeping busy and sharing all my projects and adventures whether they be Home decor, holiday projects, or discovering how to get permanent marker off granite counter tops.
Here are a few of my favorite projects as of late.

Decorate Your Porch with $5

$6 Berry Wreath

I had so much fun making this

DIY Key Organizer

I kept with the key theme using Typewriter keys, music keys, and car keys.

I love fun little ideas for the kiddos like these…

Cute Sock Bean Bags

Well, I guess that about wraps things up. Thanks to Char for swappin’ it up and thanks to you for letting me be your tour guide today. Watch your step on the way out and don’t forget to come visit soon!

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Who’s the genius behind this one?

I usually buy Huggies.  I don’t really know why, but I do.

Last time we went out for diapers, our local warehouse club was out of Huggies in size 5.  I’d rather donate a kidney than drag all 4 kids to another store, so I bought Pampers.  (Plus, with that whole blue jean diaper thing, I’m starting to rethink my Huggies loyalty.)

I opened the package and saw this:


What’s that right there on the front of the diaper?

It’s a wiener dog, isn’t it.

A wiener dog on the, uh, wiener portion of the diaper.

Great idea.  Really, really great.

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Kitchen Art

Here’s another Dollar Store Challenge project!


Frames ($1 each)
Silverware (2 for $1)
Spray paint
Hot glue


Take apart your frames, removing the glass and the backing. Spray paint them and the silverware.

DSC_0453 DSC_0473

While that’s drying, cut out a piece of batting the same size as the backing of your frame.


I used a little bit of Fabri-Tac to hold mine in place. You could use hot glue or spray adhesive or get really crazy and not use anything!

Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than your backing piece.


Glue the edges up onto your backing.


The corners don’t have to be super fabulous because the frame will cover them.

Put the fabric covered backing into the frame.


Position your silverware on top.


Hot glue in place, and you’re done!




(and look…it even matches the button!)
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4th of July Serving Pedestals

(could that title be any lamer???)

Are you all familiar with The CSI Project? If not, head on over and get familiar!

Every week there’s a theme (schedule here). This week it’s a Dollar Store Challenge.

I wandered around Dollar Tree for a bit last week and came home with a TON of stuff. Most of it won’t see the light of day in time for the challenge, but it forced me to think outside of my usual fabric realm.

I promise some more inspired projects later, but here’s a quick and easy old standby of mine to get you started.


Bowl (Dollar Tree)
Plate or platter (Dollar Tree)
Epoxy (hardware store)


If you’ve never used epoxy before, don’t be scared. It’s just glue that mixes as you squeeze it out.

Turn the bowl upside down and epoxy the bottom of the plate to the bottom of the bowl.



And, for only $2 plus epoxy, you don’t feel too bad if you never use it again.


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Craft ADD

I’ve got it bad these days.

I can’t seem to finish anything.

Seriously….here’s what I’ve got in various stages of completion right now.






Is there a support group for this?

I bet if there is, I have to drive past a craft/fabric store to get there.

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evo ’10

Is anyone going to evo ’10?
Because I just won a pass and I don’t want to be a loner.
Leave me a comment if you’re going, please!
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10 years ago right now (5 am MST), I woke up 42 weeks and 2 days pregnant and waddled to the bathroom.  And my water exploded broke.

I remember:

Soaking a pair of pants on the drive to the hospital.

Walking laps for 4 hours and still not having a single contraction.

Dropping the f-bomb when BC made me watch Babe whilst I was in labor.  Who knew those singing mice would make me so mad?

The first words out of my mom’s mouth being “Oh my hell she’s huge!”  (In my mom’s defense, she kinda was — 9lbs 5oz, 22.5”.)

Not being able to sleep that first night because I was so enamored with her.


And I still am.


Happy birthday, Macy.

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The Smelly Barn Adventure™

First of all, remember when I confessed to the entire world that I’ve worn the same funky (not the good funky) sandals for the last 12 years?

They have been replaced by these:


And these:

(which totally looked better before I fell on my face in a parking lot and before The Smelly Barn Adventure™)

I’m afraid I now have a Born addiction.  Even with the heel (2” or so) they’re comfortable for an entire day.

So my neighbor Jami is my partner in most things insane and probably the person I’m mostly likely to be arrested with.  You all have a friend like that, right?  We saw an ad on our local online classifieds that said “BUY DEAD PEOPLE’S STUFF” and we knew we had to go….in her father in law’s 1983 yellow (stick shift) Chevrolet pick up.  You know, to haul all of our treasures.  Or to look like the Joad family fleeing California in The Grapes of Wrath.  You decide.

After a quick stop for donuts, we were on our way.  We spotted a yard sale and stopped.  I stepped off a curb wrong and did one of those falls where you know you’re going down but you fight it for about 10 seconds in slow motion.  I hopped up and pretended I was fine, but there was blood involved and I’m pretty sure I strained a neck muscle.

Finally, we found our destination and The Smelly Barn Adventure™ began.  We walked in and the lady said “Can’t you just smell the bargains?”  Yes, it was that bad.

Mouse poop.
Baby pigeons.
Broken glass.

But oh the treasures!




(I’m totally recreating this purse because I love it that much.  I don’t think you can grasp it’s full awesome-ness from this pic alone.  Look for the tute next week.)

Jami scored a table almost identical to this one.

Jami's Table
(image from here)

So what if at our next stop I found baby pigeon feathers still stuck to my heels?

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Stained thrift store doilies


some Dylon dye (kicks Rit’s trash!)



Inspired by Jen over at Tater Tots & Jello, I’m making pillows.

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For your bleaching pleasure…

As promised, the freezer paper stencils for the girls 3rd birthday shirt and the basketball shirt seen on Good Things Utah.


3rd birthday shirt stencil here.


Basketball stencil here.

There are directions on the GTU page, as well as good information in this post (the first time I tried it), this post (the 2nd time I tried it) , and this post (general freezer paper primer).

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