Why I’m A Crappy Blogger

Events of the last 6 days:

School spelling bee.


Contrary to the looks on her face, she took 3rd place.


Preschool graduation.  Can you see the anxiety written all over his face?


On the way in he announced “I’m not saying anything.”  And, he didn’t.  His post graduation dinner request?  “Chick Fil A, because they have a drive thru and I’m sick of looking at people.”

Asperger’s much?

Class play.


Someone played a dumb girl.  So, you know, it was a real stretch.  Winking smile

Karate belt test.


I was forbidden from taking pictures until lit was over because “all those flashing lights and people staring at me drive me nuts”.

Asperger’s much?

Pack meeting.


2 of my BFFs in town for the weekend.

BBQ at my house to celebrate.

Photo class (with the fabulous Kristen Duke).


Saw some old friends, made some new ones.

Leaky window in the family room, discovered around 12:30 am Sunday morning…on a holiday weekend…of course!  At least we got this sweet set up out of the deal.


Cemetery visits for my dad


and BC’s grandparents.


And let’s not even get started on the part where we had a bird’s nest in the dryer ducting (inside the house) or where Keller spent $229.08 on Amazon (from like 10 different sellers) because someone (hint: BC) stayed signed into Amazon/one click ordering on his iPad.  What did he buy?  Well, my personal favorite item is the $1 trillion bill from Zimbabwe.

Yes, really.

And that is all I have to say about that.

I’ll be closing down this giveaway later today, so run over and enter if you haven’t already.

And you can still go here to enter to win $50 to Target, courtesy of Consumer Crew.

Do you think Consumer Crew can help me find a stunt double to attend both awards assemblies I’m supposed to be at today?

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  1. LOL I am sick of looking at people too!! :) Oh and not a crappy blogger just a great Mom!

  2. I’m sorry, I am laughing my butt off at a trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. Hilarious. How much did it cost?

  3. you are hilarious…you are not a crappy blogger, just busy and who isnt…i havent crafted for fun in weeks…its just life..oh well..

  4. Holy cow, look at those mountains!! You’re in Utah, yes? Amazing.

  5. Laughing so hard! We have aspergerger’s and that is so true and funny. Enjoy your week.

  6. A trillion dollar bill, definately wanna know what he paid for that and what he was thinking. At least its all small stuff and is humorous to look back on. Its way better than trying to figure out how your child became a big fat liar over the course of a few days.

  7. Good job real mom. (makes me feel better about my own crappy blogging lately.)

    Wow? You can buy a trillion dollar bill on amazon? I never knew.

    PS add me to the list of people who get sick of looking at people. I think I felt that way for a week after quilt market.

  8. What a very busy week… Since school is out I just can’t fit in blogging everyday. I have followed you for a very long time and even if you don’t post every-single-day I will follow!
    That cemetery is a beautiful place!

  9. Thanks for the laugh. Love your family!

    PS. I am SUPER jealous of your blog name.

  10. You are probably tired of me commenting over and over that you CRACK. ME. UP. True story. I might just put a for sale sign in my yard and move to Utah to crack up daily.

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      The house next door to me just got abandoned…

      (That sounds like I live in the ghetto, no?)

  11. If I had one trillion dollars to Zimbabwe, I’d trade it in for a new brain. ;)

  12. Sounds like our week! Glad you survived! Your kids are adorable!

  13. Char, sounds a bit like my life :) lol
    it was so great to meet you in person at the photo workshop! hope to see you again soon!

  14. You are a great mom. The blog is secondary to your kids, which is how it’s supposed to be! We’ll be here waiting for you, your kids won’t be. They’ll grow up so fast and you’ll be standing there wondering what just happened. Have a great week!

  15. I love posts like this! I actually snorted at the 1 trillion dollar bill part. THAT is hilarious!

  16. Love ya Char! Always an adventure!! Hang in there. :)

  17. Ha! Love it! That is exactly why I had to get rid of one click ordering! I would end up with order confirmation for things I had never bought. Apparently my 2-year-old is an Amazon junkie…

  18. Cecilia says:

    Well, living next door to Zim, I’ve seen a few of those bills. And no, they don’t have brains there. To sell. I mean to sell (not)!

  19. I’ve been a crappy blogger lately too. The end of school is always filled with mass chaos at our house. Adding sleepless nights to the mix has made things even more interesting. I’m sooo glad that school is finally out. Hopefully life will slow down just a bit for both of us!

  20. Ahhh!!! The craziness of May! Way to get through all the tough stuff, especially the unexpected stuff! You’re an amazing blogger, love ya!!

  21. I had a day this last week where both of my much anticipated Diet Cokes ended up dropped on my foot. 8 hours apart. With barely a sip had by my poor lips. What is it about May?

  22. Oh no! OH NO! Oh, that’s coming my way. I just know it is. I’m always signed into one-click ordering because I hate typing in all of my password info on my phone, and it’s only a matter of time before I end up with some unwanted merchandise courtesy of one of these five kids. If they accidentally buy the Le Creuset from my wishlist, we’ll just call it fate.

  23. Best. Weekend. Ever. (well, for me anyway) And I think that plastic funnel totally completes the room.

  24. So funny!!! This post totally made me laugh and is SO relatable! My son preferred ebay over Amazon though! :)

  25. Ha ha ha!!! This post made me laugh!! Oh, the things we live through. And you know, I’ve felt the very same way…let’s go through the drive thru because I’m sick of seeing people. ha!!

    Being a crappy blogger (your so NOT a crappy blogger) is good when you’re doing the Mom thing!!
    Hope you find something great to spend that trillion dollar bill on! LOL!


  26. Char you are awesome. And so not a bad blogger. :)
    I am so not telling my son about the trillion dollar bill – or we’ll be the proud owner of one. ;)

  27. That just gave me a great Monday laugh!! It’s always fun to see a glimpse into other people’s families.

  28. My biggest photography challenge- not utilizing all the great settings on my camera. I think I could do so much more if I would take the time to learn about all the different features :(

  29. ROFL OH NO! That is hilarious, in a ‘it’s hilarious because it wasn’t me’ kind of way. I suggest framing the bill. ;)
    I am gonna make you super jealous, because that picture of your window setup? My husband decided to be superman and rip out our tub surround last year because there was black mold. As it turned out, for our size tub you need a custom ordered tub surround, which takes around two weeks to get in. SO. We had a lovely poly tub surround, and I have a semi-sheer shower curtain which apparently looks remarkably like poly, so I spent two weeks (closer to three) feeling like a science experiment every time I hopped in the shower.

  30. Love your name, love this post. Oh some days are just crappy. Crappy reminds us of the good huh? Try my giveaway!

  31. Michelle says:

    Honestly, I’m scared that I’ll buy something accidentally if I sign up for 1-click ordering. Talk about an eventful end of school year for you!

  32. She is SO your daughter! I love it!

  33. Oh Ya! It really is one of those weeks! At least you know who went shopping. Someone bought a $700.00 airplane ticket from Paris to Milan on my credit card, and it was NOT me!!

  34. Loved all the photos and I don’t think you are a crappy blogger…. ***smile***

  35. We all keep coming back for the humor and the honesty that your posts are filled with – if that is “being crappy” then bring it on! You clearly have your priorities in line and the kids and family are #1 – congrats on that!

  36. Rofl! Oh boy, do I understand. Good luck with all that.

  37. Like these of the Spelling Bee. That’s one cool chic. Love a young’n with an inborn ability for comedy.

  38. LOL! What an Amazon nightmare! I {love} the spelling bee pictures – priceless!

  39. YIkes Char. Purple Heart of Motherhood for you! And how fun that you guys got to take Kristin’s workshop. She is all kinds of awesome!!!

  40. Random comments I have:
    1.We discovered a leaky window in my BIL’s house too, in the bedroom we were staying in. Were.
    2.My husband has the 10, 20, 50, and 100 Trillion dollar notes from Zimbabwe. I bought them for his birthday a year or two ago. He collects foreign currency (which, I totally thought it was cool he collected money when we were dating and then I realized I could get 100 trillion dollars for a buck-twenty and I was much less impressed)
    3. I love Chick-fil-a. LOVE.
    4. I waved in your general direction today while driving on the I-15. Hi.

  41. You crazy thing! lol

  42. Oh my goodness…I about died laughing over the Amazon thing. You truly have the craziest things happen to you. At least it makes for some good blogging ;). And I expect a photo of the 1 trillion dollar bill when it arrives!

  43. I can’t remember if I commented on this and my brief skimming says I didn’t . LOVE the look on your daughters face in the spelling bee…great captures ! I wish I could hear the fun story about how you and your two BFF’s met–friends are so dear to me–we all have our own stories! Also wondering when you lost your dad…

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Crazy story about those two that took your class with me: We met on the internet. I’d moved twice in 4 months and lost my dad suddenly to cancer (2 months from diagnosis to death) and because I didn’t know anyone, I went to a message board for Mormon moms. And now here we are 8 years later….

  44. Char, if your little guy is really voicing his concerns about ‘too many people’ and stuff – count your blessings!!! holy cow, that is half the battle, seriously. How blessed you are to have him be able to use words instead of lashing out or acting up (i think my guy doesn’t always know WHY he is having a hard time – church. ugh.).

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I’ve been thinking about you (in a totally not creepy way)!

      One of his preschool friends told her mom that he didn’t say his parts because he doesn’t like people looking at him. I asked him about it and he said “I told her about my Asperger’s. She still wants to marry me.”

  45. You are hilarious! I love your wit! Sitting here laughing at the Amazon purchase! : )

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