Utah Jazz Mural Paint Colors

Wall color: LA1001 Pale Apple 1 (It looks SUPER weird to me on the Valspar site.)
Navy: LA1412 Navy 6
Green: LA1116 Paris Green
Gold: A16-5 Naple’s Gold (from Olympic, but we had them color match it in the Valspar paint)

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Guest Post: Meet Neighbor Jami & Her Nursery Walls

This is my insane(ly awesome) neighbor Jami, aka the person I’m most likely to get arrested with:

I’ve gotten A LOT of emails about her nursery since posting the name art.

You’re in luck, because she’s agreed to do a couple of posts to share the details with us! So, here’s Neighbor Jami!
Well, as some of you are already fully aware (and those who aren’t, surprise!!!) I am expecting! After having 3 boys and vowing to my husband, myself, and family and friends that I would NEVER be having more children. I gave in and am happy to be carrying the first, last and only daughter I will ever know!!! You can imagine my joy on finding out I was having a girl! Immediately I thought of all the wonderful things that will accompany having a girl: the shopping that will be taking place, money spent, hair bows, shoes, leggings, jewelry, dresses, lace, dolls, everything pink, just to name a few… and of course, let’s not forget the NURSERY!

Ahhh the blessed nursery. Within 2 days of finding out it was indeed a girl, my mind already conjured up brilliant plans for baby Lucy’s nursery. It has become quite the undertaking, but I must admit I love it! And of course I would never be able to produce my desired outcome without some major help from my talented friends and loved ones.

First, my amazing (and dead sexy) husband, James. He is my go to guy. I find I start a “simple” project that ends up being way more work than I had anticipated and then he lovingly steps in and finishes it for me. He is also amazing at building things I think of, that don’t exist, and “jimmy-rigging” thrift store finds so they are workable again. Besides all of these amazing things…he is a great husband and dad. I love him.

31My husband, James (told ya he was dead-sexy)

Next, my pal, Char. Oh where would I be without this girl in my life? For how many times I call her for advice, opinions, directions, instructions, and to borrow just about everything, including her amazing input on craft ideas, I feel like I should be paying her a monthly fee! She has become my crafting comrade. Not only is she talented in all crafting areas, but she also provides some great comic relief to any scenario. We have had our fair share of fun crafting adventures, and fun “non-crafting” adventures. (Like the time we packed my van full of 6 boys all under the age of 6 so that I could double check a faulty pregnancy test with my doctor. But, hey…that is another story for another time).

She has been kind enough to help me out with Lucy’s nursery by helping me with some decor and also by taking on the huge project of sewing all her bedding and window dressings. I can’t wait to see them all finished and adorning Lucy’s room. It will be great!

Char and me, I feel, make a pretty good team. I feel confident enough to say that I can conjure up some pretty crafty ideas, but then to back it with brains… I am pretty much screwed.

Enter, Char.

The woman can figure anything out. Half the time she is explaining things to me I just have to nod my head and pretend to understand what she is saying just so I don’t look like a complete fool. What can I say? I am blonde, and I am a hairdresser, not a brilliant person like, Char. (no offense to hairdressers) we have our place in this world too. After all, we make people pretty! Can you imagine what an ugly place this world would be without us?

Okay, moving on…

I decided to use Jett’s old room for the nursery, because it already had bead board hanging on the lower half of the walls. I chose to re-paint the bead board using paint by Valspar called, “Craft-White”. Next, I rubbed a glaze in the creases to accent them using a tintable glaze by, Valspar. I cannot remember the color of paint I used to tint the glaze. I bought a light tan in a sample can that you can get for around $3.00 at Lowe’s.

DSC_0962-2You can kind of see the bead board in this picture

Next came the upper half of the walls. I originally wanted this wallpaper by Amy Butler, since I love everything Amy Butler (I’d probably lick her toe jam, I love her so much) but then realized this was not going to be very practical considering the price! I’ll let you research that yourself, I don’t want to have you pass out in the middle of my post!

Bummed about the wallpaper, I called, Char and she mentioned these cool stencils. I liked the damask one myself, and I almost bought it even though it was a bit more than I’d like to spend. Then, on an outing to Hobby Lobby, I came across some wall stencils there and found a worthy comparison for only $16.99!!! I could handle that! So, I bought it. We primed and painted the upper wall using, “Baby Blush” by Valspar and then began stenciling, once the pink had dried.

For the stenciling, I wanted it very subtle, because it was a “busy” design. So I took the left over pink (1/4 gallon, give or take a few) and added the left over, “Craft-White” paint (1/2 gallon, give or take a few) to lighten it up. Next we followed the directions on the stencil and painted away. Over all the stenciling wasn’t too hard to do, just some prep work, and a lot of time, but fairly easy.

The stenciled wall. Remember, it is subtle, so look closely.

And here’s a digitally enhanced version of the same pic. The color is not that crazy in real life, I just wanted you to see the detail.


That’s it for the walls. Next up? Refinishing the furniture!


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Feature Friday

There’s no Flickr or Facebook involved this week. There is, however, FrogTape. Maybe I should have called it FrogTape Feature Friday? Too late. Winking smile

Sara (who is blog-less) emailed me after I posted about how I painted this mural with pretty much no artistic talent whatsoever and some FrogTape.

Part 1, Part 2

Sara took this $5 dresser (jealous…I never find anything that good for $5)


added some FrogTape


and turned it into this:



Thanks for sharing, Sara!

Friday features usually come from the Flickr group or Facebook page but feel free to email me ([email protected]) like Sara did, too!

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How to paint a wall mural if you’re not artistic, Part 2

Part 1 is here.

Where were we? Oh yeah…trying to find away around my unsteady painting hand.

I taped off all the straight lines using FrogTape Painter’s Tape.

Image from FrogTape

I find it seals better than the blue stuff and it’s a little more see through. You’re going to want see through…trust.

Next you’ll want to put a piece of tape right over the top of the curved lines, too. See why you need to be able to see through the tape, at least slightly?

Take an X-Acto knife and cut lightly (enough to cut the tape but not enough to screw up your walls) along the pencil line. Peel off the excess tape. Here’s what mine looked like when I was done taping and cutting and peeling everything for the yellow part of my mural.


Apply the paint to the inside of the taped area. I used cheap-o foam brushes for the yellow and green (small) parts of my mural. I used a foam roller for the blue (large) parts. Here’s how much blue we’re talking…


I turned on the ceiling fan so it would dry quicker and applied another coat before peeling off the tape and I let it dry for several hours before putting tape over the top to paint another color.

Here’s a shot whilst I was waiting for the blue to dry so I could paint the yellow.


Clean up any pencil marks that are still visible. I used a fairly dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

The final product?



Watch out for the fan when you climb on the bed to take pictures.


Aaaand one more shot:


So, are you gonna try it?

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How to paint a wall mural if you’re not artistic, Part 1

Find or borrow some sort of projector or overhead projector. I bought the Tracer Jr. from Artograph.

Image from Artograph

It’s available at Michael’s and sells for $50. I used a coupon and got mine for $30. Tangent: It was obvious that someone else had used and returned the one that I bought and then taped the plastic shut again on the bottom. Don’t do that! Come borrow mine if you’re desperate, but let’s keep it honest.

First of all, let’s talk about the limitations of this projector. The size image you can project maxes out at about 3.5” X 3.5”. It’s really best if you can reduce your image to that size and then move the projector further away from the wall. Trying to project the image in sections (even after drawing an elaborate grid system) will make you curse. Because of the mirrors and stuff inside, you can’t just slide the projector over and have the image cooperate.

It also took me a bit to figure out that you didn’t turn the black part to focus…you slide it in or out. I’m sure none of you would have that issue, though. Winking smile

Are there nicer projectors out there? You bet. Was it worth $30? Absolutely.

So, I printed out a Utah Jazz logo and projected it onto the wall and traced the whole thing directly onto the wall in pencil.

And then I started painting and realized that I am way too uncoordinated to just PAINT something like that.

See those edges on the right side of the ball part? That was the problem. I’d taped off the straight line over on the right and liked how it looked, but I didn’t know what to do about the curves.

So, I had to come up with a plan. A plan which you will hear more about tomorrow.

Open-mouthed smile

Part 2

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Can Light to Pendant Light

Here’s the ceiling in my kitchen:


You see those rows of lights and then the one weird light in the corner? This one:


That light is over the sink and on a different switch than the rest. And we NEVER use it. Seriously…I turned on the disposal when I tried to turn it on to take these pictures.

Did you know you can buy a kit to turn any can light into a pendant light? Because you can. (Get it? CAN? Ha!) The kit looks like this.


I paid around $20 at Lowe’s.

You adjust the cord length and then just screw it in. WAY easy. You can buy a shade, but I decided to make one.

I picked up this metal Easter basket at Hobby Lobby. It was $4.50 (50% off).


The handle came right off with a little bit of wiggling. You’ll need to trace and cut a hole in the bottom. I used some of those all purpose kitchen scissors because this wire was flimsy. You could also drill a hole, if you’re using something more substantial than a wire Easter basket.

(I swear the hole is centered, the angle is just weird in this pic.)

I gave it a good coat of spray paint and then put it on the kit.


Cute, right?


And, uh, it’s really hard to take a picture of light fixture when it’s on.


So, if you have a can light (or two or three) you’re not loving, think about converting it to a pendant light!

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Valentine’s Day Canvas Art

So, if you follow along on Facebook, you may remember me saying that I was pretty sure I hated something I was working on last week. This is it.


I started with a 16 X 20 canvas (2 for $7.99) and some chipboard letters ($1.77 each).

I gave the canvas a coat of the same aqua paint I used to paint my piano (Watery from Sherwin Williams) and then laid out the letters.


I made some pencil marks (which were impossible to photograph)so that I could get them back in the same place.

I painted my letters using this table runner from Target as the inspiration for my color palette.



Then, I just hot glued them to the canvas.


It’s grown on me…A LOT. And, it’s way cuter with the bunting, which I’ll post about shortly. (Tomorrow, I swear. The post is done and scheduled already!)

Do you decorate for Valentine’s? Do you use the traditional red and pink or do you branch out a bit?

Visit thecsiproject.com
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I’ve been searching for *something* to go behind my couch for well over a year now. One time I came close. I found a cabinet, but it had a “HOLD” tag on it. And the hold until date had passed. But they still wouldn’t sell it to me.

I was thrifting last month and found this buffet. It was obviously way too big (note my 4’ 10” child laying on top to demonstrate just how big), but the price was right.

Phase 1:


I called my dad and said “bring a saw”. He gets scared when I do that. We hacked 10” off the legs and then reattached the feet.

Phase 2:


Just yesterday I finished Phase 3:


I KNOW I’ll be hearing from you wood purists, but you didn’t think someone with an aqua piano could leave it alone, did you?

I’m still going to rough it up a bit and glaze it, I think.

Man I love orange!

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Lap Desk Makeover

Macy’s developed a recent bizarre obsession with lap desks.

I blame Pottery Barn Teen. Theirs are SEVENTY NINE dollars. SEVENTY NINE!!!

We have an outlet near here that sells Pottery Barn stuff that’s damaged or mis-monogrammed. We picked up this one for $10.

(Hey Matti…I have your desk!)

I removed the screws and took the lid off its hinges.


Then I sanded the top. The letters were painted on, so I need to make sure to get rid of any ridges. I also wanted to rough up the old finish a bit.



Then I wiped it down well with a damp cloth. I don’t really think this next step is necessary, but I did it. So, I’m including it.

I taped off the bottom, just so I wouldn’t get any overspray.


And then I went outside and sprayed.



I used spray chalkboard paint. I’ll be honest with you…I didn’t love it. If I wanted a chalkboard finish again, I’d use the brush on kind and just do a couple of light coats with a sponge roller. If you don’t care about it chalkboard-ness of it all, just go ahead and use regular spray paint.

And then I reattached the lid.

Finished product?

Now we’re both happy…for way way WAY less than SEVENTY NINE dollars. ;)


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Told you

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