Another use for that pirate template…


I picked up one of those $4 or $5 tees at Target and carefully seam rippered the pocket off. Then, I cut the Jolly Roger template out of freezer paper and used the same bleach method I did here, only this time I didn’t put it in Oxiclean (just water). Doesn’t look like that part is necessary….at least not for maximizing your wearing pleasure.


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It’s Saturday.

And I’ve got a whole lot of spray painting on the agenda.


We’re expecting temps in the low 70’s and I’m giddy.

I did sneak in a little painting last weekend.


I found this for $5 at a local thrift store. And it came with a cushion….which I drove right around the back and re-donated. You’ll see this chair again. I used it for something with my first project for Quilter’s Home.

Want to see my favorite part?


Look at that slope!

Hope your weekend is a good one.

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Flickr Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group? You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made. Go add your stuff! Please?

Projects from the Flickr group will be featured on Fridays

And, there’s now a Flickr stream widget over in my left sidebar.  Click on over and check that out.

Today’s feature is from Kirsten over at kirsten*can.  I came across her blog by Googling something about robots and then discovered we’re *practically* neighbors.  I keep thinking I’m going to run into her somewhere.


She made this skirt for her daughter using the split twirl tutorial.  This tute is great for older girls!

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$2.50 t-shirt revamps

You’ve seen the tutorials all over the internet for singed flowers, right? Like this one. Or this one. Or this one.

I’m not going to talk much about that part, other than to say that if you’re going to do as much singe-ing as my neighbor Jami and I did you’ll want to light a candle and leave it burning instead of using a lighter.

And look what our $2.50 shirts turned into:



and a couple of action shots…

(cell phone self portrait courtesy of Jami)


Show and Tell Green
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Blogging for Breast Cancer

Today I am participating in a HUGE Breast Cancer Blogging Event! Hundreds of blogs around the globe today are encouraging our readers to take a moment out of your day and donate $5 or $10 to Jacqueline Reitz, a Breast Cancer 3 Day walker. Jackie is a fellow blogger based out of Dallas, and she’s on the 3 day team “Betties for Boobies”.

While the original hope was to include over 300 blogs, only time will tell how many have participated, so be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for more information.
If just ONE of the readers from each of the 300 blogs takes a moment and donates $10, that will raise over $3,000.00 in the fight against Breast Cancer. AMAZING!

So help us out. Let’s make this a tremendous success. Head on over to Jackie’s fund raising page (it’s all tax deductible!) at and send her some donation love! Totals will be posted on the team’s blog tomorrow, to see what an impact we were all able to make!


My grandma is a 26 year breast cancer survivor and my step sister is fighting it now.

If you’re able, please GO DONATE.

And stop by Jackie’s blog, if you’re interested.

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What A Woman Wants Winners

(The Jolly Roger applique template is finally posted….scroll on down if you missed it!)


Valerie S




Woodruff Fam


Wendy (who really likes cookies)


and Get N Together

Shoot me an email at [email protected] to find out how/where to pick up your tickets!

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Skull and crossbones applique pattern

As promised, here’s a link to my Jolly Roger (no idea why they call it that, but it makes me want a Jolly Rancher) applique pattern.


If you’ve never appliqued before and want to give it a try, here’s a post I did about it along with a couple of other free patterns.

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Mother’s Day already?

You’ve got less than 4 weeks, you know.

I made this stitchery for my mom a few years ago (excuse the terribly lit picture).


Here’s a link to my free pattern for your stitching enjoyment!

4/16/10: Added another picture I found with better lighting, but a worse angle.


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How to sew a blind hem

I’ve been doing a lot of hemming as of late, so I have blind hems on the brain. And even though I’ve been sewing for 20 years (I obviously started when I was 4), I didn’t know how to do a blind hem until 2 or 3 years ago.

Do you have a stitch on your machine that looks like this?


Did your machine come with a weird foot that looks like this?


Do you need a manicure/some hand moisturizer as badly as I do?

Great! We’re ready to blind hem!

I used a scrap of fabric and contrasting thread for illustration purposes. You’ll want to use matching thread in order for your hem to actually be “blind”.


Press up your hem.


Pin the hem. Make sure your pins start about 1/4” below the edge of the folded part and that they point down


See how mine start below my serged edge?

Fold the hem under.



The pins are now on the under side and the serged edge extends out on its own.

Go over to your machine and place the fabric under the foot so that the “fin” that sticks down from the foot runs right along your folded edge.


Start sewing, removing the pins as you go. Your machine will do several straight stitches over on the single layer/serged edge and then one sort of zig zag over to catch the folded edge.

Here’s what it will look like:


Unfold and press.

Wrong side:


Right side:


And if you actually use matching thread:


What’s that? You can’t see anything?

That’s exactly the point!


If you’re a Utah local, don’t forget to enter to win one of 5 pairs of tickets to the What A Woman Wants Show here.

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Strainer Hanging Planter

In case you missed my guest post over at Blue Cricket Design on Thursday…

My top choice to share with you today is (sadly) still in my garage unfinished. I haven’t had a decent day of spray painting weather yet! Stay tuned for that. Luckily, I had a back up plan.

So, let’s get on with the strainer hanging planter!




My original idea was to use actual thrifted metal strainers, but I came up empty handed . So, I picked all up these at my local Dollar Tree. I only ended up using one of the hanging baskets, so you’re looking at $3 plus spray paint and 3 tiny pieces of wire for the grand total on this project!

First, we need to remove the handle from the smaller strainer. It was on there pretty good, so I used a saw.


(OK, so that’s actually my 9 year old posing for the picture…she was safe, I swear!)


I took a little sand paper and smoothed off the edges where I’d cut.

Next, remove your chains from that hanging basket. Use the basket to mark where the chains will attach to your big strainer.


Transfer those marks to the small strainer, too.


Drill holes where you just marked both strainers. I made them along the rim instead of on the body of the bigger strainer so it would be easier to attach the chains later.


You should have 3 holes in each strainer.

Now, we spray paint.


I used a metallic paint so it’d look like actual strainers. I think other colors would be cute, too. I painted the chain as well.

Next, I cut 3 small pieces of wire and bend them in half. I counted down each chain an equal number of links and stuck the wire through.


I stuck it through to the inside of the small strainer.


And then opened the wire up wide, like a brad.


Clip the bottom of the chains to the big strainer, and you’re ready to plant!


I love pansies (and it was still early March when I made this so it was about all you could find at the garden center).


I think this would be darling with some hanging/creeping type plants, too. Or, filled with herbs…keeping it all in the cooking family!


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