Valentine’s Day Bunting


The color palette was once again inspired by the same Target table runner that I used to make my Valentine’s canvas.


I traced a heart template (that’s mine, but feel free to make your own) on some fusible web (Wonder Under, Heat n Bond, whatever you like) 16 times. That’s enough for each letter plus a spacer heart between BE and MINE. I fused it to the back of the pink houndstooth fabric following the manufacturers directions and then cut out all 16 hearts.

To put the lettering on the hearts, I cut freezer paper with my Silhouette (the font is Madfont). Remember if you cut freezer paper with your Silhouette that you’ll need to put the shiny side up and reverse your text. I also have to use the green mat, but your mats may still be more sticky than mine are.


Then I turned Macy loose with some Tulip Fabric Paint and a sponge brush.



You could also use iron on lettering or cut freezer paper by hand or even paint the letters on…whatever works for you!

Next, I fused each heart (again with the manufacturers directions) to a 7” square piece of backing fabric. I ripped mine, because I’m lazy. And then I stitched the hearts in place.


Macy put a matching 7” square on top and sewed 3 edges (leaving the tops open) using 1/4” seams.



Then we clipped the corners…


and turned right side out and pressed.


Once all 16 squares were finished, I laid them out in order to make sure everything looked good. Then I grabbed some extra wide double fold bias tape. Decide how long of a “tail” you’ll want for hanging and mark with a pin.

Start sewing (I zig zagged) at the end and go until you get to your pin.


Stick in one of your squares and keep on sewing.

And when you get to the end, stick in another square, and so on and so on and so on.

After the last square, keep sewing for an amount equal to the “tail” you left at the beginning.

And then hang it!





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Valentine’s Day Canvas Art

So, if you follow along on Facebook, you may remember me saying that I was pretty sure I hated something I was working on last week. This is it.


I started with a 16 X 20 canvas (2 for $7.99) and some chipboard letters ($1.77 each).

I gave the canvas a coat of the same aqua paint I used to paint my piano (Watery from Sherwin Williams) and then laid out the letters.


I made some pencil marks (which were impossible to photograph)so that I could get them back in the same place.

I painted my letters using this table runner from Target as the inspiration for my color palette.



Then, I just hot glued them to the canvas.


It’s grown on me…A LOT. And, it’s way cuter with the bunting, which I’ll post about shortly. (Tomorrow, I swear. The post is done and scheduled already!)

Do you decorate for Valentine’s? Do you use the traditional red and pink or do you branch out a bit?

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Etch some glass, without the commitment

I’ve had a couple of glass beverage jars ever since Macy’s cupcake party one and a half years ago. I’ve toyed around with the idea of etching something on them like 100 times. I considered a monogram (let’s face it….C is the most boring monogram EVER), but I couldn’t commit! And what if I screwed up?!?!? Etching cream scares me. It’d be a shame to ruin a perfectly good beverage jar, right?

Silhouette sent me some of their new frosted glass premium vinyl to try. And I LOVE it. It’s the perfect way to fancy up your glassware without any sort of commitment.


(That kinda looks like a urine sample.)



And, I couldn’t get a good shot of this one, but I think it’s my favorite:


Silhouette is offering 2 promotions for January:

25% off all premium vinyl


A Silhouette SD, 2 rolls of premium vinyl, 1 roll of transfer tape, a home décor CD for $225 (a $395 value!!!)

Use code “CRAP” to take advantage of either of these offers now through the 22nd!

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Mix & Match Quilts with the AccuQuilt GO! Blog Tour

You all remember the AccuQuilt GO! Cutter, right? I’m not really a quilter, but I want to be. So, when I was given the opportunity to participate in a bloggy tour for this new book showing all kinds of quilts you can make with your GO! Cutter, I jumped at the chance.


I’ve been asked to review the very first (hint: easiest) project in the book (probably because they know I’m not a quilter but I play one on the internet).

The quilt is called Stepping Stones.


All the quilts in the book use the Mix & Match die set.

The Stepping Stones quilt only has 2 different blocks…I think even I could handle that. The directions are clear and simple. The illustrations and pictures are plentiful. And, there’s even a graphic at the beginning of each quilt to show you exactly which dies you’ll use. Seriously…there’s pretty much no way you can screw this up!

To purchase the book (hard copy or PDF because you need it NOW), go here.

To follow along on the blog tour and see the next project, visit Sherri over at A Quilting Life.

I feel like I need to go make something…

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Shoe Storage Solution

Our previous “storage” consisted of a galvanized metal bin and people throwing their shoes in that general direction and leaving marks all over the wall. And me tripping over the shoes that missed (and cursing) at least twice a day. Strange that I thought we needed a change, right?

We made a trip to IKEA this weekend. And by “we” I mean that everyone rode there in the van and then Macy and Keller and I ran in to get the goods…less chaos that way.

I picked up 2 of these:


And my entryway now looks like this:

(Man I need a new rug. That one I spent $3 on at Target is sad.)


The original doorstop is under the cabinets, so we got one that mounts on the door hinge and adjusted it so that the door stops just short of the cabinets. It’s similar to this and was under $2 at Lowe’s.


We also have jumbo baseboards (6” or something) so the cabinets didn’t quite clear them. We mounted a 1 X 4 on the wall and screwed the cabinets to that to make up for the difference.

I posted a picture on the Facebook page when I got them installed Tuesday night and had a few requests for pictures of the inside. So, here you go.

2 pairs of men’s size 12 shoes in that one.

Empty, with a dried mud spot for artistic effect.


Snow boots work too, if you get creative.

So, that’s our new shoe storage. Now I just need to do something awesome to the wall above it…

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How to hem jeans, Part 2

We’ve talked about this before, but I’m going to show you one more little “trick” that turns a good hem job into a great hem job.

First a quick run down on basic hemming. Try your pants on and have someone pin the cuffs at the level you want the pants to end up. On this pair it’s 2.5”.


Divide that measurement in half (1.25” on this pair) and measure from the edge of the factory hem that distance. Press all the way around.


Sew right up next to the factory hem. I like to start right before the most detailed side seam and make sure it’s lined up perfectly.


Go back to your ironing board and press the factory hem “down” and the part you just sewed “up”.


You can stop here if you want, but (especially after washing) you might find that the part you just sewed flips down and hangs out of your jeans or that your cuff flips up and makes the hemmed part visible.

Take your jeans back to the machine and stitch RIGHT on top of the seam line on both side seams.

(I left the thread tail on the 2nd picture so you can see where the stitching starts. Practically invisible, right?)

And here’s a look at the other seam:


Finished product?


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We’re trying to potty train Bennett.

You’d think by the 4th kid (one of which has Asperger’s) this would be old hat.

You’d be wrong.

Last week, this was my Facebook status:

“I think Bennett’s going to be 10 before he decides to use the toilet.”

Emily, my CWTS partner, posted:

“Quinn too.”

And then I replied:

“Did Quinn rip off the pair of Thomas underpants you put on him and then hide them under the bed when you weren’t looking so you couldn’t possibly make him put them back on?”

I left off the part where he yelled “YOU’LL NEVER FIND THEM NOW!”, a la Swiper on Dora.

Confused smile

So, I made him a little something.

(I used my Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material. The font is Blazed. The shirt is from Target. I seam rippered the pocket off.)

Now, before you start sending me mean emails about my kids needing therapy on account of me being their mother, let me just point out that I made myself a little something, too.

(Again, used my Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material. The font is Joint. Yes, there does appear to be an illegal substance font theme going on here.)

I think we’re even.


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Must. Take. Down. Christmas. Wreath.

So, those fabulous green shutters I hung above my mantel to cover the awkward hole?


Only fabulous with something “on” them.


(Excuse the awful picture…I didn’t bother taking a new one. You can see my thankful tree in the corner.)


I feel like a red sparkly Christmas wreath isn’t really appropriate year round. I mean…maybe some of YOU could pull it of, but I can’t. Winking smile

So, what do I put up there?

A less festive wreath?
A monogram of some sort (although C is pretty much the lamest letter for a monogram ever)?
A frame?


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Feel like shopping this weekend?

Want to spend some of my money? (Sort of.)

My living room needs a new rug. You see, when we got hardwood floors a year or so ago, I blew the entire rug budget for both rooms on this beauty for my family room.


My living room has been making do with a cheapy sisal type rug that smells like hay. Still. 1.5 years later.

I put off buying this rug from IKEA so long that it was discontinued.


I think I still want orange, but I could be persuaded otherwise…

The couches are denim, the floors are dark maple, the walls are khaki and the woodwork/bookcases are white. The accessories are all negotiable.


And stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

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Simply UT

First of all, I’ve enjoyed the discussion about giveaways. I’ve read each and every comment. (Gotta do something while you’re waiting in the carpool lane, right?) I’m not sure what I’m going to “do” yet, and I just want to reiterate to anyone that already has a giveaway scheduled that I will 100% honor the obligation I have made and do a darn fine job of it, too. Winking smile


Next up, are you familiar with Simply UT? If you’re a Utahan, you really should be. Simply UT is a great resource for all things Utah.

They have a blog directory, that includes many of my very favorite bloggers.


are 2 of the most recent features. (P.S. Amy, it’s January. When are we having lunch?)

You can search their local blog directory by category, too.

Like to support local business? They can help! They’ve got pages and pages and pages for you. I counted 36 photographers, including the fabulous Photo by Emilie (who I’ve mentioned before).

So, if you’re a Utahan or you love Utahans or you want to be a Utahan, check out Simply UT.

And today’s featured blog? Might look a *little* familiar.

Open-mouthed smile

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