Get Your Crap Together: Papers

It’s 2012.

I need to get my crap together…and I need to be accountable.

(This is where you come in.)


As a semi-regular series here on Crap I’ve Made, I’ll be blogging my challenge for the day.  I’d love for you to join me in tackling the same project and report back in the comments or with a post of your own.  Or, if you’re already totally on top of things, I’d love for you to harass me.

Today’s challenge?

photo (23)


I had some people over last night.  And, in an attempt to not lose my mind, I dumped all of my miscellaneous papers/mail/crap into a basket to deal with later.

photo (24)

Later = today.  I’m not letting this sit.

Do you have a pile of papers that needs your attention?  Let’s do something about it today and get our crap together.

Thing I could use help with:

How do you store addresses of friends and family?  Some of the mess in that basket is Christmas card envelopes I saved to update addresses.  I have an address book, but crossing stuff out makes it messy and annoying.  Saving them on my computer or phone scares me, because of the “losing everything potential”.  What works for you?

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  1. I love this idea. 2012- get my crap together. My other goals include: FINISH my many projects/goals/ideas and START being creative daily.

  2. Mrs. Bailey Park says:

    My mom taught me to write everything in my address book in pencil, because the info changes so much over the years. I suppose you could also buy blank business cards and a business card flip book with the clear inserts, and just write out a new card and replace the incorrect one as things change.

  3. If crossing stuff off bothers you, why not go over the incorrect entry with a plain white sticker? I still keep an address book too. Or you could just start over with a new book and write all the entries in pencil, then, erase as needed.

  4. I save them all on my computer and then that all gets backed up to an online server every couple days. That way I don’t have to worry about theft or fire taking all my important info and (even more importantly) pictures. We use comcast and I believe its $5 a month. Just a couple weeks ago I realized I was missing an entire months worth of pictures (apparently the Dec 2010 folder had been accidentally deleted) and I PANICKED! But we found and restored it easily in our backed up files. Totally made my day!

  5. Molly Squire says:

    What if you took the envelopes and made some kind of book out of them. Use some kind of plastic cover so that you could change the address if it changes. Are you understanding me? 3×5 cards might work also. Just a thought.

  6. I keep all of my addresses on my computer on a label template and just print mailing labels every Christmas. I’m pretty good about updating addresses so they’re ready to go when the holidays roll around. Previously I used a small two-ring binder that holds 3×5 index cards and a set of alphabet index tabs. I wrote each address on a card and filed alphabetically. If an address changes, just replace the card. Instead of writing the addresses you could also cut out the address from the envelope and tape it to the card. I need to get organized this year so I’ll be looking forward to your posts!

  7. Stephanie J says:

    Addresses: I keep an address book – and only write in it relatively lightly with pencil. Then, when someone (inevitably) moves, all I have to do is erase the old address, add in the new, and my address book is kept neat & tidy!

  8. We have an Excel spreadsheet with our addresses. Spreadsheets make my husband happy and it doesn’t make a mess when you update since some people seem to feel the need to constantly change their address.

  9. I save addresses to a spreadsheet on Google Docs. That way I can access them from anywhere with Internet access!

    • I scrolled down to write the exact same thing!

      Save your address on a Google Docs spreadsheet, that way you can just log in to your account online from any computer and you’ll have them right there! So if your computer dies they’ll be safe saved online, no worries :)

      • lol, I too scrolled down to write the same thing. I use Google Docs for EVERYTHING. After my son spent 2- months writing his History Fair paper, and then accidentally saved over it, we started using Google Docs for all of our spreadsheets and word docs. Specifically regarding addresses, I use Google Spreadsheet and then I just update it as they addresses change. It’s also great for Christmas cards because the label software can just pull directly from the spreadsheet :)

    • I was going to say Google Docs as well. I have kept mine in an excel spreadsheet for 10 years. I print it off and keep it in our family binder, or on card stock and that way it’s easy to grab and reference. Now I go into the actual document to make any changes, but I used to just write everything on the printout and then do a big mass change. I feel electronic is best b/c you can edit, not have scratch outs, and you can sort easily to then print out Xmas labels. It’s been great and Google Docs is a way to make sure it’s safer or at least backed up. (I did once accidentally delete my Excel file, but had the printout to redo it!!)

  10. I love this idea. There are piles of paper all over the place! I store my addresses on a clip on the fridge–probably not the answer you were hoping for! I have plans to get an address book to keep them in, but I hate updating it all the time like you. I like the idea up there ^^^^ somewhere about using pencil or a white sticker over the old one. Thanks for the motivation to get my crap together!

  11. I keep my addresses in an Excel spreadsheet. The list was originally my wedding invitation list and now it’s been converted to our Christmas card list. (I also have it saved to a thumb drive. ) I love being able to update it quickly and I’m less likley to misplace my computer than I am an address book. I simply create a mail merge and print out the labels – easy peasy.

  12. I use a simple rolodex, it works super well for me. There is a place on the front of the card for address and telephone numbers, and on the back of the card I keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important info for that person. Since rolodexs are refillable, I also keep a spare pack of cards for adding new people, or if I need to change someones address I just pop out the old one and put in a new one for them.

  13. After years of hanging onto envelopes, my husband finally convinced me to make an Excel spreadsheet of addresses and a Christmas Card List. (Excel is so underutilized)! We do the same thing with important phone numbers. I then print out a copy and hang it inside my cupboard door. I still keep my Christmas Cards though- I love to look back through them over the years. I pack them up with the Christmas decorations and it’s like a little holiday cheer when I open the tote.
    If you really want to keep an address book, I’ve heard of people who just tape the return address from the envelope in their book. Then when someone moves they can just replace it.

  14. It seems old-school, but I use a regular addess book. I’ve finally learned to write in pencil for easy updating.

  15. I save all my addresses on the computer in a label file so that when Christmas rolls around I just print it straight onto labels. Makes Christmas cards SO easy. I just pile the new address envelopes on the desk until I update the address if the person moved. I print it out onto paper around Christmas and then just put a printed copy in a file in case the computer crashes.

  16. Re: the Address book – I am totally anal about my address book and cross-outs. I found one at Target (the brand is that organization magazine I think. Can’t remember the name of it.) It has stickers in the back that you lay over old addresses and it has all the lines and fields on it. Love it!

  17. I am the most unorganized person ever BUT I’m pretty good with my addresses. (or maybe not since I had 4 Christmas cards returned to me this year. :/) I keep mine in Excel. Mainly because they’re easy to change there and when Christmas comes it’s easy to print labels from my Excel list. Since I’m always paranoid about computer crashes, I just print a copy out and keep it with my phone books. I look forward to your other challenges. Goodness knows I need some help!

  18. I save all of my addresses in my Google Contacts, so if my computer dies I can still access them from another computer =D

  19. I put all my addresses in a google document. This way I can change it easily over the years, but I can also access it wherever I have internet access and since it’s not saved on my computer but on Google’s server, I don’t have as much of a worry of it being lost.

  20. Rolodex, but I also keep them stored online just in case.. I may be old fashioned, but I don’t think it’s good etiquette to print address labels for holiday cards. Instead of an impersonal card with a computer label, I would much rather get (or give) an emailed holiday card or greeting with some photos. It’s less paper and postage waste and we generally have all the email addresses already saved.. Save the paper cards for those who don’t use the computer and spend the extra time writing a note and addressing the envelope by hand.

    • I completely agree! I always handwritten out addresses even if it takes more time. It feels more personal to me!

  21. I have my addresses either in outlook (when I had my laptop) or now on my Mac. Then I print them out yearly to do Christmas cards and have a paper backup. I also make sure backup my computer on to an external hard drive. If I get a new email or envelope/card with addresses…I do not delete or file away until I change it on my address book!

  22. I have a great address book from Current. It has little stickers in the back the same as the spaces for writing people’s info. When someone moves, you write the info on the sticker and stick it OVER the old address! Some of mine are at least four labels thick, lol. It works great!


  23. I always write in my address book in pencil! Then each family has just one entry instead of a million crossed-out ones!

  24. I bought a whiteboard yesterday to try and organize the family schedule. Now I just need to turn it into a big calendar.

    As for the addresses, I save mine in a few places- to help eliminate the fear of losing all. I have them in my phone, and also in an excel spreadsheet. Makes for easy merging come Christmas card time. I’m also starting to save more things to my Google Docs account. That way you can access it from any computer, and it’s not reliate on a single machine.

  25. I still use an address book. I’ve written everyone’s names in pen and their addresses in pencil, so I can easily change that. It’s worked for nearly 10 years for me. :)

  26. I always have stacks of papers everywhere. I just don’t know what to do with them. I finally bought a tub thing for my daughter’s school papers. My receipts have been going in a wire basket from the Target dollar spot. I’d really love one of those wall organizers to have a spot for everything but they are always so expensive and I have enough projects without adding that to my list.

    As for my addresses… I keep an Excel Spreadsheet. I make a new sheet for each year’s Christmas cards, birthday invites, whatever I send out. That way I can see who I sent what. And the trick to not losing it? Email it to yourself. Then it is in your email and unless gmail or yahoo or whoever loses all of their files, you have it. In fact, I send it to a different email address. I have several. So I send it from my aol account to my gmail. I now have them in different spots but still where I can find them.

  27. I have all of my addresses saved in an Excel document on my computer. I understand being afraid of losing them all if my computer crashes, but I’ve kept track of all my addresses this way for years and haven’t had a problem yet! It’s also super easy if I want to just print out address labels instead of hand writing them (if I’m too lazy one Christmas) : )

  28. Stephanie reynaga says:

    I am in the process of doing this, but I just cut the address out from the x mas card envelope to a 4×6 size (if it’s smaller I leave as is) and glue it to the back of a picture of them! Then I slide it into a simple 4×6 photo album. I use little adhesive tags and label them “A”, “B” etc! Then every few photo pages add another tag! The beginning of setting it all up takes a little bit of time depending on how pretty you want it, but once done, you just have to cut, glue and slide in! Even if you don’t have a picture of them! Now they are all in one place and alphabetized!!

  29. I have an Excel spreadsheet with all the addresses used to mail invitations from our wedding. Its been five years and there are some addresses that have changed several times, but even when I think about moving everything to my address book (that’s where I’ve put all the new people since being married) I still can’t get rid of the spreadsheet. If written in the margins, across the old address and I know exactly which one is correct. I’m really the only one who uses it anyway. The address book I use (RealSimple from Target) also has those stickers in the back for correcting addresses, but I hadn’t really thought about using a pencil. If you use pens and your address doesn’t have correction stickers then you could use blank address label stickers or whatever size would work best for your space for changing addresses.
    As for the papers, I’m getting better at going through things as we get them in the mail. I then have a basket with files for things such as: to file, to pay, etc. That way its not just accumulating somewhere, but in a spot for when I can actually get to it.

  30. I also hated having an address book with the names all crossed out. I am totally tech savy, but just can’t manage to do this with my addresses. I just love a hand addressed envelope I guess. ha ha! To solve the problem, a couple of years ago I purchased a simple index card file box and inside I have the A-Z dividers. Everybody has their own index card and when someone has a change of address, I just throw away the old card and put in a new updated one for them. I also write info on the cards such as kids names, birthdays, and anything else that I might need. It has worked like a charm!

  31. My stack is WAY bigger than that… And growing! It would take days to file away! I use excel in google docs that way you can access it from anywhere and you don’t have to worry about your computer crashing and losing it!

  32. I have a box of 3×5 index cards with the addresses on them. I used the back of the cards to keep track of what years I’ve sent Christmas cards and if someone moves I just write out a new card and toss the old one.

    It works for me :)

    • I also have the most frequently used addresses saved as google contacts – so I can access them from my phone or any computer.

  33. Someone may have mentioned this already, but I like my grandma’s hard copy system. She put her addresses/contact info/other reminders/notes on individual 3×5 cards and kept them in a little recipe box with lettered divider cards. Speaking of organizing and index cards, my sister-in-law/accountant has a good system for adding all the birthdays and anniversaries to her annual wall calendar. She used 12 – 3×5 cards (labeled for each month) and wrote all of the dates chronologically on the cards. Then she just paper clips whatever card is the current month to the bottom of that calendar page.

  34. I also have an Excel spreadsheet. My husband got me really into using Excel. It terrified me forever. I found a pre-made template that I really like and entered everything into it. I got a lot of addresses from our wedding invite list but then keep them updated around Christmas card time. I also store birthdays in this list. I keep a second list in my Google contacts list but that doesn’t get updated as frequently. I like to have addresses with me when I travel in case I want to send someone a postcard or gift while we are gone. Everything on our computer gets backed up to an external hard drive. My husband is tech savvy, so he sets up all the computer stuff.

  35. I use a good old address book. Yes, I cross out old addresses and rewrite the new somewhere on the same line. OUCH. it looks messy, but then I know that they have really moved .
    Papers. I have drawer in my kitchen that gets coupons, calendar, note pads. I clean this drawer once a week. This is a newly developed habit since I moved into this house 4 yrs ago.

  36. I made a Family Binder that houses everything important, paper-wise, including my addresses. It’s nice having everything in one place and easily accessible by everyone in the family – I keep it in the kitchen.
    Here’s my post with my DIY and printable calendar and planner pages:

    Good luck!

  37. As much as I love the computer I can’t even stand the thought of using it for my address book. blurgh. I am old fashioned and actually have a diary – not on my phone or anything – a proper one, made of paper! I used to use filofax but when I was working I treated myself to a beautiful Smythson one (I now buy the MUCH cheaper filofax inserts, which fit just fine!). I write all my contacts in there, if it gets too messy I just add another sheet or copy it out onto a new one. I realise this isn’t the fastest but boy do I love using paper and pen!!

  38. gotta be honest, my address ‘book’ is a bunch of corners ripped off from the envelopes people have sent (address labels) and clothes-pinned together in the drawer.. pretty sad. maybe i need to get on that…

  39. I have an Excel spreadsheet with all my addresses and I change/add to them as needed. I email myself a copy whenever I change it just in case something disastrous happens.

  40. I email my mom and ask for addresses, and/or pm people on facebook to ask. Every. Year. I’m such an adult.

  41. Char, my crap is never together (as you well know) so I will have little to add to these conversations, but a lot to gain :) I store addresses in a Rolodex and on the computer.


  42. Well when I used to keep an address book I would write in whatever but if something changed I’d make a label with new info and stick over the old. I used the avery 5160 address labels.
    Now I have my addresses saved on the computer, on a jump drive, and on my laptop in Word
    I have them set up on avery 5160 address label format. I also print a copy..
    Oh and I save addresses on my phone and on my email address book. They’re everywhere. LOL

  43. I also use pencil in my address book. Extends the life of book too. I must admit, I have a ton of “Crap” to catch up on. Now that my daughters have gone (one back to college, one back to Pennsylvania where she’s in grad school) I need to get motivated. Funny thing: all I want to do is sew. Hummm.

  44. I only have one set of papers under control, and dang I do this well. I love Christmas cards and can’t bear to chuck them out. So. Each January, I rubber band that years together and they go in a nice cloth box (red and green of course). The letters that come get stapled together into a cute little booklet. The pictures also go into the box.

    The rest of the papers…. did you see my blog??? I posted pictures and it ain’t purty. Anybody try that NeatDesk ‘as seen on tv’ thingie?

  45. i use a pencil to write in my address book. then if changes are needed i can just erase it and rewrite it. i’ve had my book for 10 years and it’s still working for me…except for the couple of pages my kids colored on.

  46. HAHAHAHA! But I LOVE my piles of crap! I know where EVERYTHING is, and if you make me clean up, I’ll never find anything ever again! WAAAAH!

    Try using an address label to cover up the old address in your paper address book (instead of scratching them out). And don’t lose the book. I lost mine, started a new one, and then I found my old one, so now I have two, with some addresses in each. What a mess.

  47. So, piles of paper AREN’T supposed to sit on my desk for months and mysteriously multiply until they’re covering every surface in my office? Who knew? This explains so much! Maybe if I sneak up on them vewy, vewy quietwy, I can subdue them while I can still open the office door!

  48. I played alonfpg and cleaned up some of my papers. As for the addresses they are in my phone and apparently in a cloud somewhere in the sky that can be retrieved if necessary. I doubt that the icloud really works but we shall see.

  49. I read an article that said, “Data you haven’t backed up twice is data you don’t care about.” I’ve also heard someone say that your computer is a million dollar computer because it’s worth that much in information. I am a HUGE fan of online backup services. I have used different ones for business and personal and I truly trust both and Carbonite. I pay $6.95 per month for the MozyHome service and it backs up my files twice a day. When my old laptop crashed and died a very final death, I was completely covered because of Mozy. The initial backup takes a couple days but it runs in the background and didn’t interfere with other stuff.

    So, regardless of whether or not you keep your addresses on your computer, check out Mozy (or something like it)!


  50. I store address in an address book (most people who we don’t contact regularly & don’t have email adresses, grandparents, etc) and on my computer, I sync my google (gmail) account with my microsoft outlook address book. That way if something happens to my computer then I still have all my contacts. I also sync my mobile & tablet computer as well so all my contact are the same where ever I need them.

  51. We have an excel address book that we use. It is fantastic.

  52. I keep my addresses on individual recipe cards in a cute wooden recipe box. I have A-Z tabs where each card goes behind the letter that their last name begins with. If someone moves, you simply pull out the old card, fill out a new one, and file it back in its place. Easy Peasy! I also keep other important info on the cards as well. ie: home phone #, cell phone #’s, e-mail addresses, blog addresses, birthdays, etc. Hasn’t failed me yet! :)

  53. I hate sorting through papers with a flaming passion!!! Gag. And I only use pencil in my address book because things change so often. Works for me.

  54. One of my favorite authors is mystery writer Donna Andrews. ( Her character, Meg, carries around a notebook called “the-book-that-tells-me-when-to-breathe.” Three years ago, when under treatment for cancer, I got a binder and began my own “book.” In it I have a list for addresses (everything on binder paper, so it can be added to/subtracted from fairly easily) important notes, a section for “things to do” a section for clippings from magazines for crafts, recipes to try etc. and a disguised list of account numbers and passwords. It is my reference bible. I scan things that can’t readily go into the book, and keep those things on a flash drive – along with pictures friends email me etc. I still seem to have a lot of paper floating around, but at least it is organized paper! :)

  55. I feel your pain. I still have an address book. When I receive mail with a new address on it, I cut the return address label off the envelope and scotch tape it over the old address in my book. I put one strip of tape across so I can pry it up if necessary to change it again or tape another one over it. I can do the computer stuff, but I still like my address book. Maybe one of these days I’ll change, but not today.

  56. Since I got married I’ve kept names & addresses in a wooden recipe box. I write on 3 x 5″ cards. Makes it easy to change or delete new info. I know it’s old school, but it works!

  57. I like to write my addresses on 3×5 note cards and store them in a small recipe box. I have friends and family that move frequently enough that it’s easy to update.

  58. Hi, I write a blog called The Food War and Other Tales, and I linked to this post and shared my organization with everyone. Hope it inspires you! :)

  59. My mother in law got me an address book that you write in with a dry erase marker…don’t know where she found it but I haven’t seen another like it! When someone moves, just wipe out the old and write in the new! Easy Peasey! :)

  60. Char, I never comment here (not even for giveaways) so please hear me now.

    Gmail contacts.

    One you enter everything in you can sync it with any smart phone, access it from any computer or tablet that has internet & if you’re really afraid of “oopsies” you can export the entire list as a spreadsheet so you can keep a paper copy in your fireproof safe or on your harddrive. I do a backup every few months just to be safe. The best part is that if it is synced to your phone, any updates you make when you’re on the go will apply to every device you access it from within a couple of minutes.

  61. Mine is on my computer. You could haven have it set up in a way that you can just print out your list straight to address labels. You can email the list to yourself; the internet is a great place to infinitely store date. You could also print out that list–so much less paperwork to keep track of.

  62. I used to have that problem too and the neat freak in me HATED having crossed out addresses or the clutter of addresses of people we no longer keep in touch with, hairdressers we no longer use, etc. So, I bought a brand new address book and I wrote in the necessary information IN PENCIL! Wah-Lah! No more crossed out, just erase and correct or erase and be gone forever.

    Pencils. Such a wonderful invention!

  63. Danielle K says:

    I have an old file box that holds index sized cards and came with alphabet dividers, I decoupaged it the way I wanted it to look and I print out my addresses from the computer on white paper adhere it to index sized colored paper. Then if an address changes I can just toss the old one or glue a new paper over it. I also put their birthdays on the cards. Sometimes I will handwrite new info like cell phone numbers etc. It works well for me. I can also just grab the cards I need out of the box and file them back later easily and not have to lug the whole box around with me everywhere.

  64. I cleaned up my paper stash on the counter. Now I just need to file some papers and shred the rest. I am not sure what to do with addresses. I do the same as you. Need to go back and read some of the comments for good ideas.

  65. I have addresses stored in an Excel file on my computer. I also have a hard copy in our family binder. I update as necessary, and after I’ve made a few updates, print a new copy. I don’t print a new copy every time!

  66. I’m weird. I like the marked out addresses. I have the same address book I’ve had since I got married-almost 33 years ago. It’s messy and worn, but it’s full of memories. I see my granddaughter’s name and remember when they lived in that house when she was 4. I see my grandma’s address and remember the good times there-and she’s been gone 20 years. I see friends I’ve lost touch with and wonder where they are, it’s my life and my important relationships all in one place.

    I also have them on a spreadsheet on my computer, which is backed up with Carbonite. I also have a Christmas card list that has columns for 5 years. If someone sends a card, I check that column along with a check if I send them one. I figure that if someone hasn’t sent me a card in 2 or 3 years, I might as well move along.

  67. Belinda Romney says:

    I type it in my yahoo account. even if I don’t have an email address it lets me save the information. this way it is not lost if my phone/computer crash.

  68. I too write in my address book only in pencil! but then along comes my Hubs or one of my kids and they use a PEN to add an address!! Ugh. For Christmas Card lists: I cut the cute little return address off of ezch envelope as they come in the mail and tape/glue it to a peice of 8×11 paper that is in my Christmas binder.

  69. I keep an address book. I type the addresses on mailing labels, print off, and stick them in the book. When someone moves, I print off a new label and stick it right over the old one. Easy-peasy. You could also just cut the return address label out and tape it into your address book.

  70. Shirley Lupton says:

    I learned a long time ago to pencil in the addresses. I write the names in ink.

  71. Great idea, I have a disturbing amount of papers that I’ve been meaning to deal with. Thanx for sharing!


  72. I keep my addresses on 3×5 cards in a file box with alphabetical dividers. I write the person or family’s name in ink, and the address in pencil so it’s easy to update. Keeping it on a card allows extra room for birthdays, children in the family and their birthdays. For families I am closer to, when the children get married, I add wedding dates, spouse’s name, and also any children they have.

  73. this is actually something I’ve been trying to find time to do for a couple days now. Maybe today I’ll get it done :)

    I have an address book and yes, it does tend to get messy with cross outs. ( my sisters page especially… that chick is constantly changing phone numbers or moving *sigh*) However, a trip to the dollar store reveals an aisle with tons of choices for a replacement :) So when the mess becomes to irritating, I pick up a new one and change every thing over. More often then not, my writing out all those addresses again gets me in the urge to write or call a few of them :)

  74. First, I love and admire your idea “Get your crap together 2012″. I think it pretty much sums up what many of us only say silently in our heads. You go girl… we are all behind you and honestly, we need your series to rub off on us!! Good Luck!

    I’m old school and keep everything on paper (even though I’m computer savvy). I write in my address book in pencil so I can update/change entries as needed. I try to use my computer but there is something to be said about good ole’ fashion paper and pencil. Anyway, all during the month I will stick anything new into my address book and at the end of the month when I organize my bills, I jot down the new info and shred the paper. Personally, I’ve lost too much info that couldn’t be replaced by relying soley on my computer and phone (even if you faithfully back-up your info). AJ@queenofmynest

  75. I keep a small (purse-sized) address book as well as a record in an Excel spreadsheet. I like using both. However, I will give you a tip I thought of myself several years ago regarding the address book: I write the name of the person in ink, and then I write the address in pencil. That way, if the person moves, I can just erase the old address and write in the new one. (I used to hate having all those cross-outs, too! If you think your friends & family will be changing names (divorce, marriage), you could write those in pencil, also.)

  76. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!

  77. Cathy Byrd says:

    First of all – let me tell you that you are making me laugh – my husband will be wondering what in the world I am up to… he’s watching the BIG game (ROLL TIDE ROLL _ GO BAMA!) … and I’m listening. I LOVE your name – Crap – he he ah ha funny! – About your addresses… I save all of my addresses in a word doc and print it out once a year or so into 8 1/2 x 11 paper – punch holes and put it into a binder seperated by those tab sheets A to Z. I can update mark through and etc. on my hard copy – then once a year I’ll update the doc on my compute and reprint. Takes a bit of typing – but once it’s done – it’s really nice. So I don’t have to use my big telephone book as often.
    I have been doing this for years and it works great for me.
    Cathy Byrd
    [email protected]

  78. This is interesting, Im surprised so many people use Excel for addresses. Word is designed for address and you can do merge prints to lables, envelopes and forms.
    Nobody mentioned Palm either. I started with a Palm way back in the day, and now since theyve gone out of business, ruined by the Iphone, I still use the free desktop software and store my life in it. Ive been slowly migrating to Outlook which will synce with smartphones, one of these days Ill get one of those. I wont ever go back to paper, I have horrible hand writing and with external hardrives so cheap and easy to use, there is no reason to not have reliable backups and no paper.

    • Kate: Word works as well, but with Excel you have more flexibility. You can sort by name easier, mark a column for those that receive Xmas cards, mark who might get a baby announcement, etc. sort by that, and then all you do is do a mail merge to create labels in Word.

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