Appliqued Tie Onesie Tutorial


  • Baby bodysuit or tee
  • Tie pattern (see link to pdf at end of this post)
  • Fabric scrap for tie – you could get away with as little as 4″ X 8″ or 5″ X 6″ if you’re cutting the tail piece at an angle.
  • Wonder Under, same sized as your fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing needle

Fuse Wonder Under to wrong side of fabric using the directions on the product. (Already done in picture.)

Print tie pattern and cut out. It prints to scale for me, but for reference…the tail portion measures approximately 5.5″ from top to point and 3″ wide at the widest point and the knot portion measures about 2″ wide at the top and is 1 3/8″ tall in the center.

Trace both pieces onto Wonder Under paper backing. Depending on the print, you may want to rotate one piece 45 degrees (I did this in the example pictured).

Cut out. Remove paper backing.

Line the “knot” piece of the tie up with the neckline of the shirt and center it. I like to slide it under the neckline a tiny bit. You might want to just touch the top of the knot with your iron to keep it from moving but BE SURE not to iron down the bottom edge of the knot.

Slip the “tail” piece of the tie under the knot piece about 1/4″.

Fuse both pieces to the shirt.

In theory, you could stop now because Wonder Under is supposed to be washable. I never dare chance it, though I hear Alissa did once and she lived to tell about it. I sew a straight stitch around the tie, about 1/16″ from the edge, by machine to finish mine. You could zig zag, but I think the straight stitch looks neater. You could hand sew a backstitch as well (I sometimes do this with stuff with sharp turns but this tie is WAY easy to do by machine). Just make sure to keep the rest of the shirt all wadded up so you don’t catch it in your stitching.
If you want to be able to sew the outline in one shot — without stopping and starting or sewing the same line twice — you’ll need to pay close attention to this next part. Start on the left hand side where the knot meets the tail (green dot). Sew straight across the bottom of the knot (1/16″ from the edge of the knot piece, on the knot side so you’re sewing through both tie pieces). Turn and go up the right hand side of the knot then across the neckline edge. Come back down the left hand side of the knot. Pivot at your starting point and continue down the left hand side of the tail. Finish sewing around the edges of the tail. You’ll end on the right hand side where the knot meets the tail (purple dot).

Clear as mud? Leave any questions in the comments and I’ll clarify.

And here is a link to the pdf in Google Docs. I’m hoping that Mac users will be able to print it now.

***For personal use only. Make ‘em, gift ‘em, please don’t sell ‘em!***

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