Giveaway: Amy Peters’ Studio

I’m excited to welcome a new sponsor to Crap I’ve Made!


Amy Peters has been designing jewelry since she was 8! (Tangent: just the thought of Keller attempting that has me giggling like an idiot. We all come with different talents, right?) She’s been designing as Amy Peters’ Studio, since 1995. Amy says “I want the designs to be inspirational and to be keepsakes and talismans for everyday life. I especially love the time in a girl’s life when she is just finding her voice, My hope is that my designs can help them along their voyage.”

Let me share some of my favorites with you!

This is the family tags necklace. I love how personal it can become.


And these stacking rings are so simple and pretty!



The Pewter Simple Secrets bracelets are great, too.


So, what’s in it for you?


A $75 gift certificate to Amy Peters’ Studio, that’s what!


Click on over to Amy Peters’ Studio and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook) saying what you’d buy with your gift certificate!

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  1. *Ashley Lou* says:

    So, I love the "no excuses" charm but I love the family tag charms even more!!!! So many great choices!

  2. *Ashley Lou* says:

    Just started following her blog! Can't believe I am just now finding out about this!

  3. *Ashley Lou* says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter, too!

  4. *Ashley Lou* says:

    Like'd her on facebook too…Whew, worn out now ;-)

  5. Like Amy Peters Studio on Facebook and I left a comment letting her know you sent me

  6. Really love the stacking rings especially the "road less traveled" one.

  7. signed up for her newsletter too!

  8. I would so get the stacking rings. I love those.

  9. I set her blog up in my reader. So cute!!!

  10. I love The Pewter Simple Secrets bracelets that you pictured above! Her jewlery is amazing!


  11. I retweeted on Twitter!

  12. Following the Amy Peters' Studio Blog.


  13. I LIKED on Facebook too! :)

  14. Subscribed to Amy Peters' Studio newsletter.


  15. I changed my status on FB for the giveway too! :)

  16. Tweeted this giveaway:!/Ash_Creations/status/34673831310270464


  17. Goodnight moon says:

    I am INLOVE with the "Believe in Magic" ring. Love it!!!!

  18. I love the stacking rings! I really like the stop and smell the flowers with the stacking flower ring! Awesome stuff!

  19. Goodnight moon says:

    I follow Amy Peter's Studio on facebook!

  20. Goodnight moon says:

    I spread the giveaway on my facebook page…and on my fan page on facebook!

  21. I love the stacking ring with the flower!!

  22. I am now following her blog!

  23. I am subscribed for the newsletter!

  24. I liked Amy Peter's Studio on facebook! (and left a comment that you sent me!)

  25. Just shared the giveaway on my facebook!

  26. The Mang Family says:

    I love the Stacking/Message Ring Set-
    May your Wildest Dreams Come True and Heart Ring. So many cute things to choose from!

  27. I love the stacking rings – I would get them for my daughter!

  28. I am now following her blog – gfc

  29. I signed up for her newsletter too!

  30. I absolutely love love love the family tags necklace!


  31. I subscribed for the newsletter


  32. I liked her business on facebook!


  33. Mormishmom says:

    I'd love to get a set of stacking rings.

  34. I did a shout out for her business on my facebook and included a link to your blog about the give away


  35. I like the "May your wildest dreams come true" ring.

  36. I love the family necklace.
    [email protected]

  37. taidyeoriginal says:

    it is so hard to choose! The family tag necklace is beautiful though!

  38. I adore the message rings! So cool.

  39. I love the stacking rings!

  40. I followed The Amy Peters Studio on FB!

  41. An Experiment in Happiness says:

    I love the stacking rings!! I want the one that says wisdon strength courage and hope,and the accept change grow trust! These are awesome!

  42. An Experiment in Happiness says:

    I now follow her blog!

  43. I love the fortune cookie "you are loved beyond measure" necklace! It is just so original!

  44. I already subscribe to the newsletter!

  45. I liked her on facebook!

  46. Love the stacking rings, family necklace, you name it! Love it all!

  47. I also follow her blog!!

  48. Also I subscribed to her newsletter! I love all of her jewelry!

  49. Subscribed to her newsletter!

  50. Just "liked" Amy Peters Studio on facebook.

  51. The Johnsons says:

    So many choices!! I like the talsimans as well as the Mommy necklaces. Hard to decide!

  52. I liked her on FACEBOOK!

  53. Subscirbed to her newsletter! Excited to see all she has to offer!

  54. The Johnsons says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter!

  55. Very cute! I especially love the "Create" necklace charm with the heart in the hand.


  56. The Johnsons says:

    Liked on facebook!

  57. CreationsbyJune says:

    liked on facebook!

  58. CreationsbyJune says:

    posted about her on facebook

  59. CreationsbyJune says:

    twittered about her

  60. CreationsbyJune says:

    singed up for the newsletter

  61. CreationsbyJune says:

    following her blog… OMG love the stackable rings!

  62. CreationsbyJune says:

    If I win the gift certificate would want either the stackable rings or the necklace charms or the bracelets or……ANYTHING!

  63. Definitely the Family Tag necklace for my daughter….love how personal her pieces are!

  64. so much to choose from!! all her pieces are so sweet and simple… totally my kind. a couple years back my husband and i went on a trip to halifax and bought each other's matching bracelets. we lost them… the Imagine bracelets remind me of them… and all the memories from this trip… i think that's what i would go for. thanks for sharing her with us!

  65. I really love the Wedding Cake Charm! April will be 7 years that my hubby and I have been married!

  66. Amanda Joy says:

    I love the Simple Secrets bracelet.

  67. I love the "I Love You This Much Charm" and the wedding cake. Really cute stuff!

  68. family tags necklace! so cute

  69. If I win, I'd definitely buy a fortune cookie necklace! The are sooo charming!
    [email protected]

  70. Oh wow, how can I choose?? So many amazing items! I love the personalized family charms though, it's the cutest way I've seen to have family names. So darling!! le(dot)[email protected]

  71. I would get the May your wildest dreams come true BB. aprilkek at verizon dot net

  72. I Like Amy Peters' Studio on Facebook.
    aprilkek at verizon dot net

  73. WOW! Everything looks great! I absolutely LOVE the family tags necklace!!!

  74. I would buy the 'Fly' chunky choker and some pocket thoughts.

  75. I like Amy Peters' Studio on Facebook.

  76. I'd get a Pewter Simple Secrets bracelet.

  77. Liked her on facebook!

  78. Defintely the Expect Miracles necklace. It's out of stock, but would be worth waiting for!

  79. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    Love the personalized family tags.
    bfcourage at yahoo dot com

  80. UtahMillers says:

    I gotta have the family tags!! I am also loving the message beads! So hard to choose!

  81. UtahMillers says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!

  82. UtahMillers says:

    I like Amy Peter's Studio on FB!

  83. I like the Soar Dainty Disc and the Family Tags.

  84. Two Dollars says:

    I would go with the Take the Road Less Traveled charm unless I could get her to make an Africa pendant for a friend.

  85. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I've been wanting the stacking rings for so long! I'm saving up for them now. They're so perfect!! Thanks for the chance to win! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  86. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I follow Amy's blog and I love it!!

  87. i LOVE the stacking rings!

  88. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I subscribe to Amy's newsletter. :)

  89. i follow amy's blog, too.

  90. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I follow Amy on Facebook!

  91. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I sent out a tweet about the contest!! Yay!

  92. i tweeted!

  93. ScrapHappenswithAngie says:

    I posted about the contest tagging Amy on my Facebook status! Thanks again for the chance to win! I'd love to win the rings and I would be so grateful!! :)

  94. i liked Amy's page on facebook!

  95. I love absolutely everything. Especially the "Believe In Magic" stacking rings, the "Have Faith" charm and the Reach for the Stars necklace!

  96. I signed up for the newsletter!

    [email protected]

  97. I like Amy Peters' Studio on FB

  98. I tweeted about this giveaway

  99. i love the heart stacking rings!!
    [email protected]

  100. Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960 says:

    If I win I would like to purchase the SS Loved bracelets for my husband and I

    [email protected]

  101. i like amy's facebook page!

  102. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I would definately buy the identity bracelet with the flower on it. That would be adorable on my daughter.

  103. Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960 says:

    I signed up to follow Amy Peters Studio Blog

  104. Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960 says:

    I already liked Amy Peters Studio on facebook

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard

  105. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I signed up for her newsletter

  106. frugalmom says:

    I like the stacking rings or the necklaces, too.

  107. agiftaday says:

    a friend of mine just lost her mother today… with a gift certificate to amy peters' studio i would buy her the "because life is so very precious" bracelet. it is beautiful, as is the sentiment.

  108. Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960 says:

    I posted theis giveaway in my Twitter account. LLMG1960

  109. johannamathews says:

    I am in love with the stacking rings :)

  110. Lady Penguin says:

    I like almost everything, but I am really loving those stackable rings.

  111. Lady Penguin says:

    I liked her on Facebook

  112. johannamathews says:

    I signed up for her newsletter.

  113. Lady Penguin says:

    I am now a subscriber to her newsletter

  114. Lady Penguin says:

    And I tweeted (ldypngn)

  115. johannamathews says:

    I liked her on FB.

  116. johannamathews says:

    I am following her blog :)

  117. Connie Babe says:

    oh…i fell in love with this one: Word Ring Set
    Try Make Express Accept
    Peace, Magic, Love, Happiness

  118. Mama Mama Quite Contrary says:

    Left a comment on facebook.

  119. Mama Mama Quite Contrary says:

    I love, love, love the stacking rings!

  120. I am a ring lover so her word rings are my favorite. Such a generous giveaway! Thank you!

  121. I love the family tag necklace!

    [email protected]

  122. HeatherClay says:

    I REALLY love the fortune cookie necklaces! And the necklace that says "I love you THIS much!" Actually, I love them all!

  123. HeatherClay says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  124. HeatherClay says:

    I liked Amy Peters Studio on FB

  125. HeatherClay says:

    I am now following the blog!

  126. dancin' momma says:

    Love the flower stacking ring!

  127. mommyof2girls says:

    I would buy the I love you this much chunky choker for my daughter.

  128. mommyof2girls says:

    I follow Amy Peters Studio blog!

  129. mommyof2girls says:

    I subscribe to Amy Peters Studio newsletter!

  130. mommyof2girls says:

    I like Amy Peters Studio on FB!

  131. I love the family tag necklace. :)

  132. CracklinRosie says:

    Super love the family tags! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  133. I love the rings all of them!!!!!!!!

  134. Stacking Rings for sure– and I'm getting her newsletter too!

  135. I would overspend on the Believe in Magic stacking ring set.

  136. Warne Family says:

    let your dreams take flight necklace!!!

  137. Sparrow's says:

    I love the flower stackable ring.

    paige at marston dot ws

  138. I love the You deserve happiness without limits bracelet. So pretty

  139. Landon and Kylie says:

    I love the family tags and the "Shine" necklace. Great shop!

  140. I liked her on Facebook!

  141. I love the heart with initials necklace!

  142. I am following her blog in my google reader <3

  143. I would <3 to buy the necklace with the fortune cookie and the 'You are Loved Beyond Measure'

  144. I subscribed to her newsletter as well

  145. I'd buy some pewter heart button bracelets and some stacking rings, esp. the star one.

  146. I already follow the blog.

  147. I already subscribe to the newsletter, too.

  148. I am following Amy's blog! Anne, yourmainestamper

  149. I have subscribed to Amy's newsletter! Anne, yourmainestamper

  150. I would love the necklace. I have been wanting something that symbolizes out family.

  151. I LOVE that Amy has products to sell that donate to various charitable causes like Designs That Give Back and Maggie Lee…For Good. I like the create charm, the penny for your thoughts necklace, and the life is a journey bracelet. If I had that gift certificate, I's definitely get a Maggie Lee charm and probably the airplane necklace from Designs That Give Back. That way I'd have something that would also mean that someone else benefits, too. Anne, yourmainestamper

  152. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    This one's a no-brainer. When we were kids we all had to have ID bracelets. I have no idea where mine went, so of course, I need one now. But wait! there's more! For 30 years I've lived in a 4000 acre nature preserve called Oak Openings and I'm a complete sucker for anything with oaks/acorns on it–from an acorn grows a strong and mighty oak.

  153. Amy has created some awesome pieces… I love more than just one! If I had to choose it would be the stacking rings – they are sweet! Thanks!

  154. james and bess says:

    i LO-O-O-OVE the stacking rings!!! (especially "try make express accept!")

    bess :)

  155. james and bess says:

    i signed up for amy's newsletter.

    bess :)

  156. james and bess says:

    i now like amy peters' studio on fb and left a comment.

    bess :)

  157. I would totally get a fourtune cookie necklace! :)

  158. I'd love to get the sisters pendant for my sister for her birthday coming up.

  159. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    I'm torn between the fortune cookie necklace and the dragonfly bracelet with the quote on the back.

  160. Love the Fortune Cookie necklace with the message "Life is a journey"

  161. I liked Amy Peters' on FB

  162. I signed up for Amy's blog

  163. And I signed up for Amy's newsletter

  164. sydneescraftymommie says:

    I am in love with the stackable rings and all her quotes

  165. PinkGranny says:

    I signed up for Amy's newsletter! I like the "Imagine" bracelet.

  166. PinkGranny says:

    I tweeted about Amy! I like her Imagine bracelet. My Race for the Cure team is called Imagine!

  167. These are very cute, Char!

  168. Love the family tags necklace.

  169. Filipa Sompy says:

    I think I'd buy a pendant, perhaps this one or this ring set
    It's quite hard to choose, I love them all! :)

  170. Filipa Sompy says:

    I'm following Amy!

  171. Filipa Sompy says:

    I subscribed her newsletter!

  172. Filipa Sompy says:

    I liked Amy on FB. :)

  173. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Those stacking rings are stinkin' awesome!

  174. I love the family charms and also the stacking rings, especially the smell the flowers/flower stacked rings.

  175. I love the stacking rings.

  176. kierste @ brown paper packages says:

    LOVE the stacking rings!

  177. I'd purchase the Life Is Change, Growth Is Optional
    Choose Wisely bracelet.

  178. I Follow the Amy Peters' Studio Blog.

  179. I Subscribe to Amy Peters' Studio newsletter.

  180. Christina says:

    I' definitely get one of her stacking rings sets. I'm a FB fan & get the newsletter.

  181. I Like Amy Peters' Studio on Facebook{leave a wall comment that I sent you!}.

  182. I Tweeted about this awesome giveaway:!/AtreauTX/status/34799138952589312

  183. Twins Squared says:

    I love the button bangles and the identity bracelets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. taraottesen says:

    I'd get the fortune cookie necklace, and the stacking rings, and the family necklace, and….oh wait, I'm out of gift card :)

  185. I updated my Facebook account about this giveaway and included @AmyPetersStudio.

  186. I want the atavistic rings. Love them!

  187. I love the little girl family tag :)

  188. I love the "Because Life is So Very Precious" Identity Bracelet! I already have a couple of her stacking rings and wear them every day!!!

  189. I also follow Amy's Blog!

  190. And subscribe to her newsletter!

  191. And I "Like" APS on Facebook!

  192. shalise . . . says:

    I love all of it! I think I would choose one of the id bracelets. I really liked the one with the dragon fly on it that talked about how life will change but we may or may not grow. They were all just beautiful!

  193. I would buy a chain, and 4 of the initial tags. I'd get "A" "B" "S" and "J". Those are my kids.

  194. Simple Life of Me says:

    stop to smell the flowers stack ring

  195. I liked her on facebook : )

  196. I am now a follower of her blog!!

  197. I would get the boy and girl charms with my daughter and sons names in them. Those are adorable!

  198. I would buy some of the stacking rings for my daughter.

  199. I love the stacking rings

  200. interestingplace says:

    Love reading your posts….interesting. Start following your blog. Please visit my blog and do leave a comment there and it would be nice if you can be my follower too. Thank you,have a great day. :)

  201. I love the stacking rings, they are unique.

  202. I subscribed to Amy's newsletter.

  203. i like the family tag necklace the many neat things!!!

  204. I liked them on fb

  205. i signed up for her newsletter

  206. I thought I already posted, but it isn't showing up. :(

    I liked the family tags necklace too…

  207. Heather at Happy Chippy Junk says:

    oooo I'd love those stack'n rings!!

  208. Heather at Happy Chippy Junk says:

    oooo I'd love those stack'n rings!!

  209. love her stuff, i would buy the sweat pea necklace very cute

  210. Els Manning says:

    Adore the stacking rings…So cute!

  211. Els Manning says:

    I signed up for her blog in my google reader

  212. Els Manning says:

    "like" Amy Peters on Face book too!

  213. Els Manning says:

    I just subscribed to Miss Amy's news letter too!

  214. i would get the heart stacking ring!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  215. signed up for the newsletter!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  216. tweeted!!/nellybarney/status/34854287905529856

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  217. Sandra Adams says:

    I'd get the it's not the destination rings for my bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding!

  218. Sandra Adams says:

    I'm following the awesome blog!

  219. Sandra Adams says:

    check on the newsletter

  220. Sandra Adams says:

    And a Facebook fan! :)

  221. runa damji says:

    Following her blog!

  222. runa damji says:

    Liked on her facebook! From my husband's account :)

  223. runa damji says:

    Subscribed to her newsletter too…I love her bracelets and stack rings. Hope I can save to buy some and get them shipped to Bombay :)

  224. runa damji says:

    Sent out a little tweet to Amy. Her jewellery is adorable

  225. runa damji says:

    I"d love to buy an Identity bracelet or one of her rings with a lovely message on it :)

  226. I love the Life is a Journey fortune cookie necklace!

  227. I like on FB and left a comment!

  228. quilteddog says:

    Love the stacking rings, but the message charms are cute too! I cant decide! how about one of each, please!

  229. I love the sisters charm which is currently out of stock but I am also in love with the stacking rings. I love the little star.
    [email protected]

  230. The Cookie Mama says:

    I love the family tags necklace. So stinkin' adorable!!

  231. The Cookie Mama says:

    I am also following her blog now!!

  232. Do I have to pick just one? I am loving everything, but I think I would have to go with the stack rings or the boy and girl charms.

  233. New FB fan of Amy's! :)

  234. Jackman Clan says:

    I love the stackable rings!

  235. I like the "his and hers" bracelets.

  236. Callin and Kristen says:

    Loving the stacking rings! So smart!

  237. How cute is her stuff. I love it. Well, I definitely need a dainty Disc necklace and a pewter key chain. And I love the pewter tokens. I write letters to deployed military and love small stuff like that to include in the envelope that doesn't change the postage rate.

    I am now a follower of Amy Peters' Studio Blog :)

  238. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    OH MY OH MY! Those rings are my fav! I would get a set of stacking rings–LOOOOOOOVE! Thanks for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  239. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    Just tweeted:) Hope I'm not too late-if so, it will just bring more people here!!/jb_designs/status/35030870255468544

  240. I'd really like an anklet with a star pearl charm.

  241. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I love the "Life is a Journey" fortune cookie charm.

  242. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I love the "Life is a Journey" fortune cookie charm.

  243. I follow Amy's blog.

  244. I like Amy on FB as Tabitha Swain Klucking (and I left her a message)

  245. I FBed about the giveaway as Tabitha Swain Klucking.

  246. I tweeted about the giveaway as kluckingbear.

  247. I really like the fortune cookie necklaces.

  248. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I would get a Sisters Necklace for my sister's 18th birthday coming up!

  249. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I tweeted! @kassarie

  250. movingmommy says:

    I would get a necklace with my daughters name and hubbys name. Super cute. Thanks, [email protected]

  251. Guffey Family says:

    So many choices, but I would probably get the "I love you this much" necklace or a fortune cookie necklace, or maybe my kids initials, it's hard to decide!

  252. Guffey Family says:

    Liked her on facebook!

  253. definitely some stacking rings. road less traveled plus at least one more.

  254. I 'like' her on facebook .

  255. I am following on Facebook!

  256. I visited her site. I love the His & Her bracelets….Especially the "Loved" one. I also love the stacking rings! So beautiful!

  257. I am following her blog now too!

  258. I subscribed to her newsletter.. :) Love her products

  259. She has some great stuff! I would get the Stacking/Message Ring Set
    May your Wildest Dreams Come True and Heart Ring if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  260. I love the pewter simple secret bracelets – I can't decide between "imagine" or "explore" so i'd probably buy both!!

  261. I "liked" Amy Peters' studio on facebook and left a note!

  262. Button Bangles or stackable rings!
    [email protected]

  263. I love everything!! The pocket thoughts are adorable.
    Lisa P

  264. I follow the blog
    Lisa P

  265. Well I'm not a ring person, but I really want a heart stacking ring with two word rings!! I also love the necklace, I have two boys and can't wait to see the boy pendants to come back in stock!
    And thank you Char for introducing us- it's love at first sight! Lol

  266. Following! Created an acct just to follow her! :D

  267. Subscribed and waiting patiently! :)-

  268. Liked on FB!!!

  269. tex_mexie says:

    I'd buy some stacking rings!

  270. I love the necklace that says "take the road less traveled" So beautiful!!

  271. I am a follower of Amy's blog!

  272. I am following Amy on facebook!!

  273. I would buy the word stacking ring!

  274. I love the The Pewter Simple Secrets Bracelets!

    bethresul (at) aol (dot) com

  275. Addison K.A.T. says:

    I love the Wisdom Itty Bitty Modern Talisment necklace!

  276. Addison K.A.T. says:

    I like Amy Peters Studio on FB as Addison Kat and told her you sent me!

  277. Her website is amazing!! So much things I like…but my favorite are the family tags!!


  278. I posted this on my facebook page:

    I entered to win a FREE $75 gift certificate from @AmyPetersStudio you should too!

    (I'm just not sure the @link worked)


  279. I "LIKED" Amy Peter's Studio on FB.


  280. I subscribed to Amy Peter's Studio feed.


  281. I love the Mommy Jewelry. So Cute!!!

  282. Signed up for Amy Peters' Studio newsletter.

  283. Following Amy's blog now.

  284. I would buy the fortune cookie necklace that says "expect miracles." I love it!

  285. Love the button bangles. Thanks for the giveaway!

    hilarypeterson AT gmail DOT com

  286. There are so many wonderful pieces, I would start with the family tags!

  287. signed up for the newsletter

  288. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    I would buy the family tags necklace.

  289. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Subscribed to studio newsletter.

  290. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Liked and left wall comment on FB.

  291. Kermit~the~Frog says:


  292. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Facebooked about the giveaway.

  293. The Stacking Rings, thank you very much! Love the site and the giveaway.

  294. Sarah Lucheck says:

    The stacking rings are precious.

  295. So hard to choose but I think I'd go with the stacking rings. Love them!

  296. I love the Simple Secrets bracelet, and I could really use a little gift right about now.

  297. I don't know what I would get, but customized handmade jewelry is my favorite thing…fun giveaway!

  298. I love the Its Not The Destination, Its the Journey necklace.

  299. Love the stacking rings!

  300. I also follow on Facebook

  301. I really like the stacking rings.

  302. ohshootphotography says:

    I would get the mom one on a bracelet.. that's my name…don't wear it out! haha!
    kellysauerbrei at

  303. ohshootphotography says:

    I follow Amy Perter's studio on facebook, and posted that you sent me!
    kellysauerbrei at

  304. James & Heidi Dryden says:

    I would love her necklaces and the fact that she makes them so personal.

  305. James & Heidi Dryden says:

    I would love her necklaces and the fact that she makes them so personal.

  306. Steve, Amanda, Kyle & Owen says:

    Hard decision…I really like the family necklace, but there are some really cool bracelets too!

  307. Steve, Amanda, Kyle & Owen says:

    Hard decision…I really like the family necklace, but there are some really cool bracelets too!

  308. I lurve the stacking rings!!!

  309. I lurve the stacking rings!

  310. So many things that I liked! But I would start with the stacking rings for my daughter.

    [email protected]

  311. Rachel and Mike Clifton says:

    Love the Life is a Journey bracelet!

  312. Must. Have. Stacking. Rings.

  313. Subscribedc to Amy's blog.

  314. Subscribed to Amy's newsletter.

  315. I like the message ring but it would be hard to choose.

  316. JillybeansMommy says:

    Hands down – the family tag necklace is my favorite. I'm in love!

  317. Oh the choices…probably the family necklace

  318. loved her on FB

  319. Initial tags for a necklace!

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